Ironman Champion Gustav Iden Visiting Changhua|三鐵世界冠軍行銷彰化農特 獲頒榮譽縣民

Ironman gold medalist Gustav Iden has arrived in Changhua for a three-day visit. Apart from visiting local attractions, he fired the starting gun at the Tianzhong Marathon and helped to promote local agricultural specialties. Changhua County Magistrate Wang Hui-mei presented him with an honorary resident certificate and said she hopes Iden can help promote Taiwan and Changhua internationally.

Wearing a chef's hat, Ironman world champion Gustav Iden promotes Changhua's agricultural specialties alongside Changhua County Magistrate Wang Hui-mei. Iden is in Taiwan on a three-day visit and received an honorary resident certificate from Wang.

A connection between (him) and Changhua was borne from a hat. During these three days, he truly experienced the warmth of the people of Changhua and the people of Taiwan. He loves our county. He especially enjoyed visiting Changhua Roadhouse this morning.

Changhua's Puyan Shunzhe Temple shot to fame earlier this year after Iden crossed the finish line at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship wearing a cap from the temple. The local government recently invited Iden to visit, and says he is the best ambassador for the county.

When I first got off the plane and go straight into the temple, I was blown away by all the, all the people that was there wearing "my" hat. (Your hat). Yeah, it was so cool to see so many people there, and it's been just nonstop energy going on.

Iden says people in Taiwan are friendly and vibrant, and he enjoyed seeing everyone's outfits at the Tianzhong Marathon. He also said he was very surprised by the lobsters at marathon aid stations and would love to visit Taiwan again after the Tokyo Olympics next year.


彰化縣長 王惠美表示:「為了一頂帽子,然後跟彰化結了這個緣,那這三天來我們彰化人,我們台灣人的熱情啊,他真的也感受到,那他也非常喜歡我們這個地方,像我們早上帶他去看扇形車庫,他也覺得非常的神奇。」


挪威籍三鐵世界冠軍 伊登表示:「在東京的時候撿到這一頂帽子,結果接著這三個月,發生人生非常奇妙的事情,連想都沒有想到,彰化這麼的熱情。」