Gou Set to Withdraw from KMT|藍營大老登報籲團結 郭台銘宣布退黨

On Sept. 12, Terry Gou announced through a spokesperson that he will withdraw from the Kuomintang shortly. According to Gou's spokesperson, Gou will not miss the party and is resolute in his decision, as the party is controlled by longtime Central Standing Committee members.

From now on, Mr. Terry Gou is withdrawing from the Kuomintang.

Terry Gou made the announcement that he is formally withdrawing from the Kuomintang on Sept. 12, one day before the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the same day, newspapers published a statement signed by KMT heavyweights pledging unity to rescue the Republic of China and expressing their desire that KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu and Gou will be unified. This move was seen as a call for cooperation. Meanwhile, former New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu posted on Facebook that he hopes families can put aside their egos and resolve disagreements for the Mid-Autumn Festival as a harmonious family will prosper. Nevertheless, it appears that Gou was not swayed by the calls for unity and is determined to leave the party.

How many of the people on the list of names live in the Cao camp but have their heart in the Han camp? There are some longtime Central Standing Committee members that are controlling this political party. The people of Taiwan won't identify with this pedantic political party. This runs counter to Mr. Gou's original intention in returning to the Kuomintang.

We always make the best preparations and prepare for the worst outcomes, regardless of whether it's blue versus green or a three-horse or four-horse race in the future. I believe our determination to win the election won't change.

The registration period for the 2020 presidential election is Sept. 13 to 17. On Sept. 18, the Central Election Commission will announce the list of candidates and signatory requirements.

With regards to signatory documents, these are all legal forms and documents and everyone must rigorously comply.
The CEC says candidates will have 45 days to collect the required signatures. It also urged them to comply with ordinances and regulations to ensure a fair election.

永齡基金會副執行長 蔡沁瑜表示:「即日起郭台銘先生,退出中國國民黨。」


永齡基金會副執行長 蔡沁瑜表示:「名單上的人有多少人,是人在曹營心在漢,有很多百年世襲的中常委,在把持這個政黨,台灣人民不會認同如此迂腐的政黨,這和郭先生當時返回國民黨的初衷,完全背道而馳。」

韓國瑜北部競選辦公室主任 鄭世維表示:「我們都會有最好準備最壞打算,不管如何是藍綠對決,或者是未來三腳督或四腳督,我相信我們朝向勝選的心不會改變。」


中選會主委 李進勇表示:「有關於各項連署文件,這都是法定表格文件,必須嚴格的遵守。」


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