Gou, Ko, Wang to Attend Same Event on Aug. 23|八二三61週年音樂會 郭柯王3人確定同台

The first joint public appearance of Terry Gou, Ko Wen-je, and Wang Jin-pyng has been confirmed. The trio will share the stage during a concert to commemorate the 823 Bombardment on Aug. 23. Ko said the Taipei City Government sent invitations to the other two, and they accepted. When asked if they will meet in private after the concert, Ko said his itinerary is already full. He added he will let nature take its course when asked if an alliance will be formed before September.

Following a month of speculation and rumors, the first joint public appearance of Terry Gou, Ko Wen-je, and Wang Jin-pyng has been confirmed. The trio is set to attend a concert commemorating the 61st anniversary of the 823 Bombardment on the morning of Aug. 23. A weekly publication reported Gou's camp proposed this event as an opportunity for the three to share a stage as it wanted to find an event closely tied to the Republic of China. The decision was finalized after all three parties confirmed their attendance.

(There will be a lot of veterans there, so does this mean you all are starting out from a pan-blue camp stronghold?) Honestly speaking, I didn't think that far. The Taipei City Government organizes this activity every year. (Will the three of you meet after the concert?) I already have engagements on my agenda afterwards, so no. (Will an alliance be formed before September?) I'll repeat these five words: let nature take its course.

Coincidentally, President Tsai Ing-wen is scheduled to travel to Kinmen on Aug. 23 to attend activities related to the 823 Bombardment. The media believes the two sides are using the same event to compete for votes. According to the latest reports, Wang is willing to assist Gou and take charge of local organization work. The two are expected to formalize their alliance this week with Lord Guan as a witness. The next step is to join forces with Ko for the legislative elections. An alliance between the three will affect Kuomintang presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu. Han previously proposed restarting the fourth nuclear power plant under two preconditions. Ko ridiculed Han's proposal.

He said the two preconditions are that the public agrees and what else? (Safety). Safety. This is nonsense. Honestly speaking, the fourth nuclear plant is really a bad debt. Is there anything worse than corruption? Yes, and that is wrong policy decisions. The fourth nuclear power plant was mismanaged and mismanaged until it got to where it is today. Honestly speaking, it is very difficult to build the plant. I know that this is very difficult, it's very difficult, but no one is brave enough to come out and say, fine, let's stop building it.

The mayor said this issue is indeed a difficult one, and sometimes he feels the best choice is just to cut one's losses to resolve the impasse.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「(算是老兵現場,也是希望從鐵桿藍票倉出發嗎?) 老實講我沒有想這麼多,對我來講,就是反正我們台北市政府,每年都有固定辦活動。(結束三個人會碰面嗎?) 我看我後面都有排行程啊,也沒有了。(趕在九月前結盟嗎?) 還是那四個字,順其自然。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「他說兩個條件人民同意,還有什麼安全,廢話,哈哈哈,老實講其實核四真的是筆爛帳,有沒有比貪汙更嚴重的事情?有啊,決策錯誤。所以說核四七搞八搞,搞到今天這個樣子,坦白講核四要蓋很困難,我也知道,這實在是太困難了,可是也沒有人敢出來說,好,停掉不蓋了。」


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