NPP Loses Another Lawmaker Following Hung Departure|與黨理念不同 洪慈庸宣布退出時代力量

Legislator Hung Tzu-yung suddenly held a press conference to announce she is withdrawing from the New Power Party due to differing ideals. This means the NPP now only has three seats in the Legislative Yuan.

I have to apologize to some of my friends in the party that I had to make this decision at this time.

Shortly after she called on the New Power Party to do everything it can to change party Chair Chiu Hsien-chih's mind about resigning, a teary Hung Tzu-yung announced her withdrawal from the party. Citing "differing ideals," the lawmaker apologized to her supporters. Her withdrawal came just days after lawmaker Freddy Lim left the party.

There are only five months until the election in 2020. There is no more time to waste. If I stay, I would only be a burden to everyone. Therefore, I am willing to help the New Power Party move in the direction it wants to.

At the time of Lim's withdrawal, Hung said the ties that bound her to the party were strong and that was why she wasn't leaving the party with him. She said she was committed to staying with the party and working hard on its behalf. She now says she will run for legislator in 2020 as an independent. Like Lim, she says the NPP lacks direction and the party should plant roots instead of focusing solely on at-large seats.

If a party has already made a nomination -- how should the New Power Party proceed? Should it let us candidates drown over there by ourselves, or do we have other choices?

The NPP has certainly had its share of drama lately. In July, it suspended lawmaker Kawlo Iyun Pacidal's party membership over allegations of corruption. With Lim and Hung leaving the party, the NPP now has just three seats in the legislature: Huang Kuo-chang, Hsu Yung-ming and National Taiwan University professor Jang Show-ling, who the party hopes can take Kawlo's seat. The NPP was at one time the third largest party in the legislature but has perhaps peaked. Lim says he tried to convince Hung to stay in the party, but her mind was made up.

(Will you team up with Legislator Hung Tzu-yung?) (She is also an independent legislator now.) I don't think there's any other choice, regardless of whether you're talking about past, present or future. Actually, Tzu-yung is an extremely good partner for me. Over these past four years, from when the party was established until now, we've often been of one mind.

Hung says she will not join the Democratic Progressive Party.

立委 洪慈庸表示:「我要跟黨內一些朋友說對不起,這個時間點,我必須做這樣的決定。」


立委 洪慈庸表示:「2020這場選舉,已經只剩下5個月的時間,已經沒有時間再這樣消耗下去了,如果我留下來,對大家來講是一個羈絆,那我願意成全,我願意成全時代力量,往它要的方向走。」


立委 洪慈庸表示:「如果友黨已經提名了,接下來,時代力量應該要怎麼走?是讓我們候選人在那邊自生自滅?還是我們還有什麼其他的方法?」


立委 林昶佐表示:「(會跟洪慈庸委員一起攜手嗎?她現在也是無黨籍的委員。) 我想這是一定要的,這不管是過去還是到現在,以及未來,其實慈庸,都是都是我非常好的夥伴,這4年多來,從創黨到現在,我們很多的想法都很一致。」