Two PLA Vessels Pass Through Miyako Strait|中國又2軍艦穿越宮古海峽 日方監偵

According to data from Japan's Ministry of Defense, two PLA warships passed through the Miyako Strait on their way to the Pacific Ocean on July 27. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said that it has been monitoring activities in its surrounding waters. Some experts said that more PLA activities can be expected in the First Island Chain in the near future as the military began to conduct more frequent military exercises since July. Since the increase in PLA activities coincides with Taiwan's own military exercises, Taiwan's military recently conducted aerial training with their F-16 fighters, and the defense ministry said it's part of their routine training.

China's PLA military has been conducting military exercises off the coast of Dongshan and Zhoushan Island. During this period, Taiwan's ROC Army conducted a training mission in which F-16 fighters attacked targets on the sea with AGM-84 Harpoon missiles. Some believe the training session is simulation of defending against PLA warships led by the Liaoning aircraft carrier. The Ministry of Defense stresses that they only carried out a routine training mission.

The Harpoon missiles were all aimed at targets on the sea. It's designed to target all kinds of naval vessels, including landing crafts and battleships. In our combat planning, the missile can attack any target that falls in our range of defense.

Military experts have said that the PLA Liaoning aircraft carrier are usually protected by other vessels and aircraft, which means it's difficult for Taiwan's F-16 fighters and these anti-ship missiles to deal with it. The experts said the missiles could prove effective in fending off PLA landing crafts. The PLA will be ramping up the frequency of its military exercises from July to October. According to the data from Japan's Ministry of Defense, four PLA vessels passed through the Miyako Strait on July 25, and on July 27, two more vessels passed through the area on their way to the Pacific Ocean. Experts believe that PLA vessels will pass through the First Island Chain more frequently in the near future.

They (the PLA) needs to send a troop to the west Pacific, where it can attack eastern Taiwan, where much of our reserve force is stationed. Meanwhile, if they proceed to the Okinotori Atoll and take control of the waters in the area, they can theoretically form a threat to the Guam Island.

There have been speculations that the PLA's troops have crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait during their recent exercises, and that the Liaoning Aircraft Carrier could also take part in future exercises. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said they did not see any PLA troop crossing the line, and that they are no certain whether the PLA aircraft carrier will take part in the exercises.


國防部訓次室次長 李兆明表示:「魚叉飛彈射擊的目標,它所對的就是所有的海上目標,各型船艦、登陸艦到作戰艦,到各種都有可能,在我們作戰計畫內,進到我們範圍內的,它都可以實施攻擊。」


國家政策研究基金會高級助理研究員 揭仲表示:「他們(共軍)必須要有一支兵力,能夠進入台灣東岸的西太平洋,那從這個位置,一方面可以攻擊台灣東部,我們的戰力保存區,另外一方面,他如果前進到沖之鳥礁,控制沖之鳥礁那附近水域的話,理論上他就可以對關島構成威脅。」


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