Colorectal Cancer Claims Life of Another Entertainer|賀一航大腸癌病逝 豬哥亮.李國修亦然

He Yi-hang, a Taiwanese entertainer, passed away on June 3 at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital. He died from colorectal cancer, which is the same cause of death for a number of high profile entertainers such as Chu Ke-liang, Hugh Lee and Kang Ting. The doctors said that colorectal cancer has remained the most common type of cancer in recent years, and that the public, especially those who are middle-aged and senior, must pay attention to their eating habits in order to prevent it.

Look at him. His room is fill of crap, it's a mess. His hygiene is a problem, and he doesn't pay rent. Why does he get to live in my house?

The angry father figure is a common memory among many families in Taiwan. The actor behind the figure, entertainer He Yi-hang, won the best supporting actor award at the 2016 Golden Bell award for his performance.

You almost scared me to death. What's this, what's that?! Da Han said I'm about to retire and he gave me a turtle as gift. I'm telling you, make a phone call and ask others how we can cook it properly.

He Yi-hang is known for being a television show host. In 2006, he won a Gold Bell award for best host in entertainment shows. In 2011, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. And on June 3, he passed away after the cancer spread into several organs. In recent years, many entertainers passed away due to colorectal cancer, such as Chu Ke-liang, Hugh Lee, Kang Ting and the mother of Makiyo. According to statistics from the Health Promotion Administration, colorectal cancer is the most common type of cancer among people in Taiwan. Around 15,000 people get such cancer every year, and about 5,700 die from it, of whom most are middle aged or seniors.

Those in their sixties and seventies, especially those who are more heavy set, tend to suffer from high level of blood sugar, blood lipid and blood cholesterol. Among the younger demographic, such as those under the age of 40, around 5 percent suffer from colorectal cancer.

The doctors said that in order to reduce the risk of suffering from colorectal cancer, the public should adopt a healthy lifestyle with routine exercises and good eating habits, and those over the age of 50 should go through physical examination every 2 years in order to allow the doctors to detect possible signs of cancer as early as possible.





台大醫師 梁金銅表示:「可能是六、七十歲,都是長得福福態態的。福福態態的,體重就是比較重一點,那大部分都有三高,血脂高、血壓高或甚至血糖高,那年輕的族群,40歲以下的大腸直腸癌占5%而已。」


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