Public Reminded of Fatty Liver, Liver Cancer Link|不忌口!愛吃油炸食物 脂肪肝成肝癌主因

C. Chuang
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Liver cancer is extremely prevalent in Taiwan, and has ranked second on the list of the most fatal cancers for the past 20 years. Several doctors warn that the cause of liver cancer may shift from viruses to fatty liver in the future due to use of preventative vaccines, and therefore people should moderate their diets and avoid carcinogenic foods.

Fried chicken is delicious, but also high in fat. Excessive consumption over the long term may result in fatty liver, which in turn could develop into liver cancer. Statistics show that 8,000 people die of liver cancer and bile duct cancer in Taiwan every year. The Taiwan Liver Cancer Association says both viruses and fatty liver can cause liver cancer.

Around 10 to 15 percent of liver cancer patients do not have hepatitis B or hepatitis C. Recent studies found the cause of liver cancer in this kind of patient may be related to fatty liver, so we cannot ignore the fact that fatty liver may causes liver cancer.

According to doctors, recent studies have confirmed two diet-related causes of liver cancer are excessive alcohol consumption and consumption of foods contaminated with fungal toxins. These include cured foods and moldy corn or bread. The public is advised to avoid these types of carcinogenic foods.

If you take in more energy than your body can handle, that could lead to fatty liver. The most important thing is to control your body weight and BMI to ensure your liver won't become inflamed. This way, your risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer is decreased.

Doctors add the hepatitis C virus can be eliminated, while there are vaccines to prevent hepatitis B infection. They therefore expect fewer cases of viral hepatitis-induced liver cancer in the future. They also believe Taiwan will follow the United States in having fatty liver become the most common cause of liver cancer. As fatty liver is difficult to detect in the early stages and there are fewer tumors, the treatment is more problematic.