Sun An-tso Returns to Taiwan After Case in U.S. Concluded |遞解抵台赴士檢 孫安佐無保請回

Jake Chen
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Sun An-tso, known as Edward, the son of Taiwanese entertainers Sun Peng and Di Ying had been detained for 261 days in the U.S.. On the evening of December 11, he returned to Taiwan and his parents accompanied him to the Shilin District Prosecutors Office. The office released Sun, with no requirement for bail. The office has also put immigration control on Sun, banning him from exiting the border.

Does Sun An-tso has anything to say?

Accompanied by the Criminal Investigation Bureau officials, Sun An-tso exits the airport. He did not answer any question from the media. His father, local entertainer Sun Peng, follows behind him.

We are on a tight schedule and we have to get to the district prosecutors' office soon.

Sun was surrounded by a large number of reporters, and finally made his way through to get to his vehicle. He headed to the Shilin District Prosecutors Office for a secondary review. Earlier in March, 18-year old Sun said that he planned to shoot up his school in the United States, and was subsequently detained for 261 days. He pled guilty and bargain, and was released from jail after the expiration of full sentences. Sun is banned from entering the United States for life. Though his lawsuit in the U.S. has concluded, it is suspected that his actions have violated Taiwan's current Controlling Guns, Ammunitions and Knives Act, which could lead to a sentence of up to three years. Sun subsequently has to face local investigation upon returning to Taiwan.

After one and a half hour of questioning, the prosecutors believed there is no need to detain Sun and released him without asking for bail. The officials have applied immigration control on him, which effectively banning Sun from leaving Taiwan. After the review, Sun returned him with his parents.

We have returned home. We will talk to everyone on another day.

Sun's father, Sun Peng, made a statement through his attorney saying that he hopes society could allow his family some room to rest, and that he will explain the case at a different time.