Sun Lih-chyun Appointed Head of Olympic Committee|孫立群接奧會祕書長 被指黨國勢力干預

Former Executive Yuan Spokesperson Sun Lih-chyun will assume the post of the secretary-general of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee in November. Sun admits he is not familiar with sports. This statement however, led to Legislator Huang Kuo-chang criticizing the appointment, saying it's an act of political reward and political interference in sports, for someone who is not familiar with sports to get the position .

Frankly, I'm not a sports "insider". Everyone knows this; it's not something I need to deny.

Former Executive Yuan Spokesperson and current Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee consultant Sun Lih-chyuan will take over the reins of the committee in November. Sun's admission that he isn't overly familiar with sports has lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang up in arms. Huang says this is just the latest case of the ruling party interfering with sports.

Mr. Sun's appointment is a clear instance of the old forces of party state politics rearing its ugly head once again. This sinister force is now wielding its power on our national sports program.

Sun says when the committee first approached him in May, he knew his pan-blue leanings would open him to criticism if he took the post. However, he believes bipartisan issues shouldn't play a role in sports and says he will devote himself to his new job. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching, Sun says his top priority will be protecting the right of Chinese Taipei athletes to compete. Other issues include pressure from China and the name under which athletes compete.

I also hope there can be less politics in sports. We would never say the name issue is not important to the Olympic Committee. It definitely is an important issue. However, protecting the right of our athletes to compete is our top priority and we need to figure out the best way to protect this right.

At his new post, Sun will replace Shen Yi-ting, who is retiring in November. He says he knows the job will be challenging for a rookie, and he is like an intern trying to learn everything he can from Shen right now.