Taiwan Will Not Succumb to Pressure: Tsai|結束同慶之旅返國 蔡:台灣不因打壓屈服

Jake Chen
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President Tsai Ing-wen concluded her 9-day trip abroad and returned to Taiwan last night. In response to El Salvodore's decision, Tsai said that Taiwan will not succumb to pressure.

During my latest visits, I've communicated with top officials from our diplomatic allies, and showcased that Taiwan upholds its freedom and democracy, and that Taiwan is determined to engage with the international community. Despite the resistance, we will still resort to concrete actions to show to the world that pressure will only make Taiwan more determined and united.

Tsai said that the trip was a success, despite the loss of El Salvadore. She also expressed gratitude to diplomatic allies who offer assistance during the nine day visit. She also said that Taiwan will not be affected by China's pressure, and will continue to uphold its values of freedom and democracy.