Prosecutor Suspended After Trespassing a Kindergarten |林俊佑率警闖幼兒園 即刻停職.移送監院

Lin Jun-Yuh, a prosecutor at the Hualien District Prosecutor's Office, trespassed a kindergarten with a team of police after he found that his daughter had been bullied. The Ministry of Justice had originally planned to transfer him to another office, however the ministry had to change the decision and suspend Lin due to strong protests.

The Ministry of Justice had originally planned to transfer prosecutor Lin Jun-Yuh to the Penghu Office after he trespassed the local kindergarten. However, due to the strong protest from local members of the public, the ministry has decided to suspend Lin and transfer his case to the Hualien District Prosecutor's Office, effective immediately.

Lin was on vacation on August 3, therefore we couldn't empty his office. We'll bring him over at another time. He will no longer carry out his duty as the result of the suspension, but he remains a public servant.

The suspension also mandates that Lin must move away from his dormitory within three months, and that his salary will be halved, down to about NT$17,000 per month. Should the Hualien District Prosecutor's Office decides to revoke his entire salary; Lin's livelihood will be severely affected.

The suspension seems to seriously affect his income. This won't be good for him and his children. If the matter has been smoothly resolved, I don't think there's a need to further persecute him.

The Hualien District Prosecutor's Office stressed that, on top of suspension, Lin will be impeached at the Control Yuan, which could lead to possible penalties ranging from warning to dismissal. A special impeachment committee will be set up as soon as next month. The kindergarten, on the other hand, hopes the incident will blow over soon so the children could go back to their daily routine.