Taipei Mayor Looks to Enforce Legal Protest And Congregation|北市強拆公投盟帳篷 柯P說明裁示內容

The Taipei City Government dispatched staff to tear down the tents of the Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan. The move escalated into physical confrontations as alliance members clashed with city staff. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said that the lack of regulation has enabled "political bullies" to occupy public roads, causing obstruction to traffic. Mayor Ko said protests obstructing public order is a problem that must be solved. Members of pro-independent groups have come to the Taipei City government building to voice their protest. They even threw shoes at the building, which led to clashes with the police. The protestors interpret Ko's recent removing of their flags in Taipei's Ximending shopping district as his move to build closer ties to Beijing. Last week, Taipei City government also dispatched staff members to tear down their tents. The move quickly escalated to physical clashes. The protestors insist that the mayor is against their party. After he became Taipei's mayor, Ko Wen-je forgot that he was white (an independent member). He went from green (pro-independent) to blue (pro-cross-strait cooperation) to red (pro-Beijing). Ko responded to the protestors, saying that the loopholes in the regulations allows "political bullies" to occupy public roads for prolonged periods, and this has to be stopped. I don't care which party one comes from, whether it is pro-independent or pro-cross-strait cooperation, no one should be allowed to occupy public roads for decades. I've reviewed the situation and I think it is due to our own idleness. Situations like this have existed for decades because we didn't manage it. Ko also said that the deputy mayor will hold discussions with members of the Legislature to enforce legal congregation and protest in the Legislature's surrounding area. He said anyone who illegally occupies public areas, regardless of political leaning, will be subject to legal punishment.