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Last month, documentary film maker Chi Po-lin and his assistant died in a helicopter crash while filming the sequel to his acclaimed documentary film "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above". On Jul.16, Chi's family and friends held a memorial concert in memory of him. Singing "Rising up by a Balloon", the Vox Nativa Choir Taiwan paid tribute to late director Chi Po-lin. This, was his favorite song. Composer Ricky Ho played the theme of "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above", a documentary film directed by Chi, to commemorate him. On Jul.16, Above Taiwan Cinema, along with Chi's family and friends, held a memorial concert in memory of Chi. Chi's friends, director Wu Nien-jen and cinematographer Lee Ping-bing, served as the moderator for the concert. Media veteran Sisy Chen expressed her condolences in tears. ==SISY CHEN Media veteran== Chi's death threw me into sadness. I have learned a lot from him. ==LEE PING-BING Cinematographer== He brought us up to the sky, and let us see the wound and the sorrow of our beautiful land. You are irreplaceable, Chi. Last month, Chi and his assistant died in a helicopter crash, while filming the sequel to "Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above". Chi's family and friends hope that Chi's spirit and work can be carried forward. ==CHI TING-HUAN son of Chi Po-lin== I hope that everyone can carry forward his ideals, his expectations toward Taiwan, and his passion for the land with us. My father's aspiration will always remain high up in the clear blue sky. Chi devoted and even sacrificed his life to reveal the beauty of Taiwanese landscape and what human activity has done to that beauty. His effort to raise awareness of environmental issues in Taiwan will always be remembered. TRANSLATED BY ARIEL HSIEH 紀錄片導演齊柏林和助手陳冠齊因為拍攝「看見台灣2」,不幸罹難,親友在今天下午舉辦紀念音樂會,一起追思齊柏林。 台灣原聲童聲合唱團,悠揚唱出「乘著氣球上天空」的歌曲,獻給已故導演齊柏林,因為這是他生前,最愛的歌曲。 編曲大師何國杰則是琴聲,重現紀錄片「看見台灣」的主題曲,來緬懷好友齊柏林,阿布電影公司和親友們,為齊柏林舉辦紀念音樂會,他生前的好友吳念真和李屏賓等人,則擔任引言人,而陳文茜扶著枴杖上台,哽咽的說出對故友的懷念。 ==媒體人 陳文茜== 齊柏林走了 我除了很傷心 我從他身上 得到了很深的自省 ==攝影師 李屏賓== 帶領我們去的高度 也讓我看見 美麗國土上的傷痕與哀愁 你無可替代 因為拍攝看見台灣2,齊柏林和助理陳冠齊發生墜機,不幸罹難,讓家人和親友震驚、難過,如今,則期盼各界能繼續延續齊柏林的志願。 ==齊柏林兒子 齊廷洹== 我希望大家能夠與我們與他 一起繼承他的理想 他對台灣的期望 熱愛斯土的精神 我還是那句話 一生不墜凌雲志 要留青天在人間 為了夢想、為了讓台灣面貌能被看見、被重視,齊柏林付出生命的代價,不過,他的精神,已經留下難以取代的影響力。 記者 綜合報導