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Writer Chen Fang-ming voiced his support for same-sex marriage yesterday by introducing a pair of chopsticks that will be featured in the upcoming International Day against Homophobia exhibition. The chopsticks are a counter-argument to those who say that successful marriages depend on a fork and a knife. Also when displayed in parallel, they form an equal sign. The chopsticks that writer Chen Fang-ming gave to the Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights as a gift, are part of an exhibition for the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOT). The chopsticks placed together in a parallel position, symbolize an equal sign, where each person regardless of gender, should enjoy equal marital rights. ==HSU HSIU-WEN Chairperson, Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights== Some anti-gay people say that you need a knife and fork to eat, as marriage needs a man and a woman, but we want to say yes, but in Taiwan we use chopsticks and the chopsticks look like an equal sign. The first review of the civil law for equal marriage rights passed, but it hasn't got to the second or third reading. Writer Chen Fang-ming criticised that President Tsai Ing-wen endorsed equal marriage rights during her election campaign, but after her election, she has made excuses and put obstacles in the way. He directly challenged Tsai that if the government wanted to promote the forward-looking infrastructure project, it should give priority to the content of the equal marriage rights amendment. ==CHEN FANG-MING writer== So many of us entrusted you, the Tsai administration, with our hopes and you chose to issue a rainbow card, you didn't give out any other cards, you didn't have a forward-looking infrastructure plan then, so first you should put marriage equality rights in your forward-looking plan, otherwise I can't see that you have any integrity. Chen was writer Lin Yi-han's university teacher and when asked by media about her suicide he said Lin was an outstanding student but he couldn't discuss anything until after the memorial service. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 作家陳芳明將筷子贈送給伴侶盟,作為國際不再恐同日特展的裝置藝術作品之一,而兩支筷子平行放在一起,正象徵著一個「等號」,每個人不分性別,都應享有平等的婚姻權利。 ==伴侶盟理事長 許秀雯== 有一些反同者他們會說 吃飯當然是要刀子配叉子 那結婚也是要一男一女 可是我們就想到說 不對啊 我們台灣人吃飯 其實最常用的工具 事實上是筷子 那筷子也剛好是一個等號 婚姻平權民法初審雖然已經通過,但尚未進入二、三讀,出席這場活動的作家陳芳明批評,總統蔡英文選前喊支持婚姻平權,但選後態度卻「推三阻四」,他直言對蔡政府失望,也強調,如果政府真要推前瞻計畫,婚姻平權才是他心目中優先應該推動的內容。 ==作家 陳芳明== 你(蔡政府)身上背負著 那麼多人民的託付 然後你還發行了彩虹卡 你也沒有發行其他的卡啊 你也沒有什麼前瞻計畫卡 沒有啊 你應該把婚姻平權 也納入前瞻計畫吧 這樣我就可以看出你的決心 另外,作家陳芳明曾為作家林奕含的大學老師,面對媒體追問學生輕生的事件,他僅強調,林奕含是相當優秀的學生,但要等到追思會落幕之後才願意談。 記者 黃怡菁 應磊奇 台北報導