The Taipei District Court yesterday found former Legislative Yuan secretary-general Lin Hsi-shan guilty of corruption, and receiving bribes amounting to NT$40 million. The court sentenced him to a 16-year prison term and revoked his civil rights for six years. Lin can appeal. Former Legislative Yuan secretary-general Lin Hsi-shan was charged with using his position to enrich himself during the public tender for software and hardware upgrades at the Legislative Yuan. He leaked information on the minimum bids that would be considered to a certain company and helped it to obtain over 20 contracts. He received a kickback of 20 percent on each contract, making around NT$40 million. The Taipei District Court gave the verdict and based on the amount of evidence, sentenced him to 16 years in prison and loss of civil rights for 6 years. ==LIAO CHIEN-YU Taipei District Court spokesperson== The money from contracts was about 20 percent of their value. Lin took kickbacks from Lee Pao-cheng and there are witnesses to this who have all described it. The contractor, Lee Pao-cheng was sentenced to two years and six months and loss of civil rights for one year. Lin was convicted of eight crimes, giving a total of 16 years, which is not heavy. Taipei District Court emphasized that this was because he returned some of the money that he had obtained from his crime. ==LIAO CHIEN-YU Taipei District Court spokesperson== When he was under investigation, he returned some of his kickbacks and when under investigation, he admitted to his actions, so according to article 8, item 2 of our regulations on corruption, there is a reduction in sentence. Lin is an important supporter of former Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-ping. When Lin was accused, the prosecution said it will pursue others who may be involved. Responding to this, the District Court spokesperson said that it was not seeking indictment in any other case. ==LIAO CHIEN-YU Taipei District Court spokesperson== When indicted he mentioned this, but the problem is in this case when the verdict was being reached we did not see that there was any other investigation or any other indictment. Lin has been held in custody since he was indicted last May and when he appeared in court to hear the verdict did not express any emotion. Wang's office did not respond to any questions on Lin's verdict. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 前立法院秘書長林錫山,涉嫌收受回扣,近新台幣4千萬元,台北地院今天審理終結,依貪汙收賄等罪,判刑16年、禠奪公權6年。全案仍可上訴。 前立法院秘書長林錫山,被控從2012年開始,利用主導辦理立法院電腦軟硬體招標案的機會,將底標洩露給特定廠商,協助廠商取得20多件招標案,並且收取每案二成的回扣,收賄金額近4千萬元。台北地院今天審理終結全案,認定他收賄事證明確,判刑16年、禠奪公權6年。 ==台北地院發言人 廖建瑜== 標案的金額 用20%左右 向這個李保承 來索取所謂的回扣 那這部分 有證人 相關證人都有指述 此外,行賄廠商李保承,判刑2年6月、禠奪公權1年。由於林錫山共犯下8罪,合併執行刑只有16年,其實不重,台北地院強調,是考量他有繳回部分犯罪所得。 ==台北地院發言人 廖建瑜== 是因為他在偵查中 已經有把所謂 收取的 這些回扣的款項繳回 另外在偵查中 也有自白 那所以這個部分 按照法律規定 就必須要依照貪汙治罪條例 第8條第2項規定 減輕其刑 由於林錫山是前立法院長王金平重要親信,當初起訴林錫山時,檢方曾表示還會追查其他可能涉案人的部分。對此,台北地院表示,審理期間,檢方並沒有追加起訴這些部分。 ==台北地院發言人 廖建瑜== 起訴書的時候 他其實有講到 可是問題是 本件在審理的過程當中 其實並沒有看到 他有任何追加 或者是 他有另外起訴的部分 而林錫山從去年5月遭到起訴後,被法院裁定繼續羈押,今天出庭時,聽到一審判決結果,沒有特別的情緒反應,隨即還押看守所。對於王金平立法院長任內重要的幕僚林錫山遭到判刑,下午宣判後並未接手機,沒有表達意見。 記者 陳佳鑫 張梓嘉 台北報導