Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou refused to comment on whether or not he had met with US President Donald Trump during his two courtesy calls to the White House, stating that as a businessman, he does not want to be involved in politics. He said that a collaboration project with the White House Office of American Innovation is under way and the announcement should be made as soon as the state government finds the perfect location. ==TERRY GOU Hon Hai Chairman== We want making in America, innovation in America, and working with America. After making two courtesy calls to the White House, Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou told the press waiting outside the White House that Hon Hai has been in contact with the US for the past three months and that he was there to accelerate the investment process in the US. ==TERRY GOU Hon Hai Chairman== The White House Office of American Innovation wants us to speed up. In the last three months, I came here twice, and we (have been) working very aggressive. Gou stated that they have been working with the state government to look for a site to build a plant, and said that further details would be announced soon. However, he had already announced a US$7 billion plan for an LCD plant in Pennsylvania in January. While some believed that his plan was to focus on making high-end large-sized panels in the US, others believed that there was more to his plan. ==TSENG CHUN-CHOU Analyst, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research== Panels are only a part of his plan. His main focus is on the vertical integration of the upstream, midstream, and downstream. In the era of the Internet of Things, end devices will play important roles. Since he wants to increase Sharp's market share in appliances in the US, the panel plant will be his main component manufacturer. To accelerate Hon Hai's investment in the US, Gou made two courtesy calls to the White House with Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu. Some suspected that they might have met US President Donald Trump. ==TERRY GOU Hon Hai Chairman== I don't want to say yes or no. After we select the locations, the White House will make the announcement. (President Trump said yesterday that he didn't think that he would take a call with the President of Taiwan because he didn't want to upset the Chinese government.) We are businessmen. We don't want to involve in anything political. Okay? To avoid anything that would hinder his investment in the US, Gou emphasized that he did not want to be involved in politics when asked to comment on political issues. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 鴻海集團董事長郭台銘,接連兩天拜會美國白宮,對於是否見了美國總統川普,他三緘其口!對於日前川普表態,不再打電話給總統蔡英文,他也巧妙切割,強調他是生意人,不想捲進政治紛爭!不過,對於美國的投資案,他透漏已和"白宮美國創新辦公室"合作,並與州政府在尋找合適地點,最快夏天或未來幾週,就會宣布消息。 ==鴻海董事長 郭台銘== 我們要美國製造 美國研發 還要與美國合作 連續兩天造訪美國白宮,鴻海董事長郭台銘,面對外頭守候的記者,不再錯愕,這次有備而來,拿著新聞稿回應,說是過去這三個月來,鴻海集團已不斷和美方接觸,這次親自出馬,能加速在美投資案. ==鴻海董事長 郭台銘== 美國創新辦公室 希望我們加快腳步 在過去三個月裡 我來到這裡兩次 而且非常積極工作 對於投資案,郭董只願透露,已經和州政府在找地建廠,細節不願多說,但強調會在近期公布!然而,郭董早在今年一月,已透漏會在美國賓州,砸七十億美金蓋夏普面板十代廠,外界都認為,郭董在美投資主力,就是高階大尺寸面板,不過,有學者認為,沒那麼單純,除了投資面板廠,重點是發展,砸重金收購的品牌、夏普. ==台經院電子產業分析師 曾俊洲== 面板只是他其中的一部份 主要還是做為這個 上下游垂直整合這一塊 物聯網的時代 也會用到很多終端的裝置 夏普的一些家電市場 他也想要在美國做發展的話 其實面板廠就是一個 最主要的一個零組件 鴻海要在美投資布局,郭董這次還找來夏普社長戴正吳等人,一同前往白宮,大陣仗看得出有多重視!不過外界揣測,可能談的不只投資,甚至私下已見過美國總統川普, ==鴻海董事長 郭台銘 vs. 記者== 我不會說有或沒有  在我們選到合適地點後 白宮就會發表聲明 川普總統昨天說 他不會打電話給台灣總統 因為他不想煩惱 我們是商人 我們不想參與任何政治事務 好嗎? 被問及政治議題,郭董急忙撇清,強調不涉政治,畢竟,為了美國投資案,可不想因為敏感的政治議題,節外生枝。 記者 黃立偉 張國樑 綜合報導