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Following the government's promotion of cremation in recent years, more people in Taiwan have become receptive to green burials such as tree burials, which is the act of scattering the ashes of their loved ones under a tree at a designated area.Yesterday Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-ji said the city government will continue to promote green burials and they also have plans to promote rice offering over the burning of Joss paper starting next year. In the early morning of Tomb Sweeping Day, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je inaugurated a newly established tree burial area in Fu-te Public Cemetery. Ko said that the city government will promote green burial. ==KO WEN-JE Taipei City Mayor== It would be extremely difficult to build an ossuary tower in Taipei, because it is a not-in-my-backyard facility. Residents would object to the construction. Therefore we are put in a lot of effort to promote green burial. According to Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs, the designated tree burial ground has filled 9,739 burial spots since its inauguration in 2007. The usage increases by 23.4% annually. The Taipei Mortuary Services Office has designated two more tree burial areas with an additional 1,100 places. Mayor Ko pointed out that there is room for improvement on burning incense and funerary paper money. ==KO WEN-JE, Taipei Mayor== Sometimes you can't accomplish goals in just a click second. It's very difficult for you to persuade others not to burn incense and funerary paper money. I think it would be good to ask people just light up one stick of incense. I did instruct the Mortuary Services Office to promote using rice instead of paper money next year. Mayor Ko emphasized that environmental protection can demonstrate that Taipei is an advanced city. In addition, Fu-te Public Cemetery has a designated ashes area for working service dogs after they retire and die. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 今天清明節,台北市長柯文長上午視察掃墓專車木柵線的發車情況,同時為新闢的樹葬區揭幕,他表示,台北市地窄人稠,要建設新的靈骨塔有難度,會持續推動樹葬、花葬等環保葬,明年也計劃推動以米代金。 清明節一大早,台北市長柯文哲到富德公墓主祭法會,也為新闢的樹葬區揭幕,他表示,北市府會朝推動環保葬的方向努力。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 現在台北市要蓋一個靈骨塔 都很困難 因為這是叫鄰避設施 要蓋哪裡 哪裡都反對 所以我們會很努力去推環保葬 根據台北市民政局統計,詠愛園樹葬區從2007年啟用迄今,已經使用9739穴;考量使用率每年成長23.4%,殯葬處再新闢2處樹葬區,再新增1100個樹葬穴位,對於公墓規劃是否有改進空間,柯文哲認為,減香減金還有努力空間。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 有時候一下子沒有辦法處理 那個減香減金就是說 因為你叫人家不能燒很困難 不然就是一柱香就好 我有交代殯葬處 明年是不是用以米代金來推廣 柯文哲強調,環保最能凸顯台北市為進步城市,另外,富德公墓的寵物灑葬區,也正式啟用值勤犬骨灰灑葬專區,要讓從國家除役的動物可以有安息之處。 記者 郭采彥 郭俊麟 台北報導