In Taiwan people put toilet paper in a bin instead of flushing it away bu tin fact this makes it very easy for germs to multiply. Currently domestically-produced toilet paper dissolves easily and does not block toilets. To promote good hygiene the EPA announced that from June all paper in public toilets must be flushed away. The Environmental Protection Administration held a news conference to announce to the public that flushing toilet paper away will not block toilets. A demonstration was held to show that paper dissolves quickly and can be flushed without trouble. It hopes to correct the prevalent misconception that toilet paper cannot be flushed away. It announced that from June paper in all public toilets must be flushed away. ==LEE YING-YUAN EPA Minister== Used toilet paper is not good for public health, many health professionals feel that during SARS used toilet paper being left out was definitely a cause of proliferation of germs and so this source of infection should be changed. The public is in two minds about the pronouncement. ==MR. SU== Just because you worry about blocking the toilet, so you don't throw it in. ==MS. CHEN== If you flush it away, it doesn't smell so bad. However, the public are reminded that only short fibre paper can be thrown in the toilet. ==LEE CHIH-HUA PTS reporter== The type of interleaved, or rolls of toilet paper that the public buys can all dissolve and so can be thrown in the toilet. However, this sort of paper tissue in boxes or packets, which have fibers which are not easily soluble cannot be flushed away. The EPA invited professional paper tissue manufacturing associations, public transport and the hotel industry to jointly sign an initiative to voluntarily announce their compliance with the move. The paper manufacturing association said they would comply with policy and communicate with downstream manufacturers so that all toilet paper vending machines in public toilets were stocked with flushable paper. ==YOU MING-KUO Chair, The Taiwan Toilet Association== Toilet paper can be flushed away, there is no problem, before it leaves the factories each manufacturer does a solubility test with equipment to check. There are worries that old plumbing becomes blocked easily, but the EPA said as long as hair, sanitary pads and food residue are not put down the toilet it should not become blocked. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 國人如廁後,衛生紙大多習慣丟到垃圾桶裡面。環保署表示這樣反而容易孳生細菌。目前國內製造的衛生紙,遇水都會快速溶解,丟入馬桶不會造成堵塞。為了衛生考量,環保署宣布六月起全國公廁全面實施將衛生紙丟入馬桶的政策。 為了告訴民眾衛生紙丟入馬桶,不會有堵住的問題,環保署上午舉行記者會、當場做實驗,將衛生紙丟入攪拌設備中,沒幾秒鐘就溶於水中,接著能順利排入下水道。就是希望修正國人過去的觀念,擔心衛生紙沖入馬桶會堵住,環保署用實驗要民眾放心可以直接丟,宣布從6月份開始,公廁全面實施衛生紙丟馬桶的新措施。 ==環保署長 李應元== 對衛生 對人的健康 剛剛我們所舉的SARS期間 這樣的一個醫生醫護人員 認為廁所(衛生紙) 的確也是(容易孳生細菌) 因為這樣的一個汙染 都是值得我們來改變 衛生紙不丟垃圾桶而丟馬桶,有民眾支持,也有民眾還是怕怕的。 ==民眾 蘇先生== 就是怕會塞住 所以不敢丟(馬桶) ==民眾 陳媽媽== 丟馬桶 才不會臭臭 不過還是要特別提醒民眾,能丟進馬桶的就只有短纖維的衛生紙。 ==公視記者 李志華== 民眾購買的衛生紙 像這樣袋裝的或是抽取式的 甚至是捲筒的 都因為可以方便溶解 可以丟到馬桶裡面 不過像這樣的紙手帕 袋裝面紙甚至盒裝面紙 因為纖維不易溶解 因此不能丟到馬桶被沖掉 為了能順利推動,環保署也邀請造紙及衛浴公會、交通運輸以及旅館業者,共同簽署自願性宣言配合。造紙業者也表示,未來會配合政策,會跟下游廠商溝通,將公共廁所自動販賣機的面紙,全都換成可沖入馬桶的衛生紙。 ==台灣衛浴文化協會理事長 游明國== 衛生紙其實它 是可以丟在馬桶的 這個沒問題 那各公司在出廠的時候 他們也會有類似(溶解測試) 這樣的儀器去檢驗 至於有民眾擔心,家中馬桶管線老舊,丟衛生紙恐怕會堵塞,環保署表示,只要不丟毛髮、衛生棉與菜渣等物品,應該不會產生堵塞問題。 記者 李志華 謝其文 台北報導