Taiwan Cement chaireman dies from falling accident / 辜成允出席喜宴 踩空摔倒驟逝享壽63歲          

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Taiwan Cement chairman Leslie Koo passed away at age 63, after sustaining severe head injuries from falling down a staircase while attending a wedding at the Regent Hotel last Saturday, sending him into a coma that he never awakened from. The Presidential Office sent its condolences, saying that this was a loss to Taiwan's industry. In the wake of Koo's passing, the Taiwan Cement group, of which he was chairman, has formed a committee to decide on his funeral arrangements. It has also convened a board meeting in which Koo's brother-in-law Chang An-ping was named as his successor to the chairmanships of Taiwan Cement, Taiwan Prosperity Chemical, and China Synthetic Rubber. ==LESLIE CHENG-YUN KOO Late Taiwan Cement Chair, Nov. 10, 2014== These are the responsibilities of the CNFI, so we are particularly concerned. Leslie Cheng-yun Koo was a widely renowned business leader who participated in free trade talks on behalf of Taiwan's industry. But on the 21st, while attending a wedding at the Regent Hotel, Koo suffered severe head injuries after taking a false step on a staircase. Plunged into a coma, he was hospitalized in intensive care at Cheng Hsin General Hospital. Unfortunately, he never woke from the coma and was declared dead at age 63 early Monday morning. ==CHANG AN-PING Koo's brother-in-law== He took very good care of all of our employees. He was very considerate. It will be hard to find a better chairman than he was. The Taiwan Cement group has now lost its leader. In a board meeting, the group designated Koo's brother-in-law Chang An-ping as the new chair of Taiwan Cement, Taiwan Prosperity Chemical, and China Synthetic Rubber. The Presidential Office sent its condolences, saying that this is a great loss for Taiwan's industry, while Koo's friends expressed shock and grief. ==LIN HUO-WANG NTU Professor== He was gone just like that. Life is just completely unpredictable. He knew that what we were doing is good for the next generation, so he was always glad to help us. ==TIEN HUNG-MAO Straits Exchange Foundation Chair== Mr. Koo was a very kind-hearted, very responsible, very hardworking businessman. In the eyes of his friends, Koo was an idealistic businessman who was enthusiastic about giving back to society. Part of the third generation of the Koo family's business empire, he took over Taiwan Cement in 1991 after the death of his brother. He took a proactive and innovative approach to managing the company, leading Taiwan Cement in expanding its business westward. However, in 2004, Koo became embroiled in former president Chen Shui-bian's Longtan development scandal. He became the first corporate leader to admit to bribing the Chen family to the special investigation division. ==LESLIE CHENG-YUN KOO Late Taiwan Cement Chair, Nov. 4, 2008== Koo Chung-liang told me that he had agreed with the Tsai brothers that, to arrange this matter, we would pay a fee of NT$400 million. Koo escaped prosecution by cooperating with the investigation and handing over NT$100 million in illegal earnings. He then focused on his business, raising Taiwan Cement to profitability from NT$30 billion of debt. And yet, one fall was all it took to end his own life. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN ==2014.11.10 已故台泥董事長 辜成允== (這些是)工業總會的範圍  所以我們也感到特別的擔心 曾經代表工業總會,出席FTA參加談判,為台灣企業爭權益,台泥董事長辜成允縱橫商場多年,卻因為摔跌意外,突然過世,21號周六晚他到晶華酒店,參加喜宴,不小心在樓梯處踩空摔倒,頭部撞地重傷,當場昏迷,送往馬偕急救後,又轉往振興醫院加護病房,不過,最後仍回天乏術,23號周一清晨,宣告不治,享壽63歲。 ==辜成允妹婿 張安平== 而且對每位同仁 都非常照顧 很細心的一個人 實在很難找到 像他一個這麼好的董事長 台泥集團頓時失去重心,下午召開董事會,確定由辜成允的妹婿張安平,接任辜所遺留下的台泥、中橡、信昌化董座一職。對於,辜成允突然過世,總統府則表達哀悼,認為是台灣產業界的損失,辜成允的好友們得知消息後,則是意外和不捨。 ==台大教授 林火旺== 就這樣走了 人生真的是太無常了 他知道我們在做的事情 是對下一代有幫助 所以他很樂意做這樣事情 ==海基會董事長 田弘茂== 辜成允先生是一位非常善良 非常盡責 非常努力的企業家 在朋友眼中,辜成允是個有理想,又熱心回饋社會企業家,身為辜家第三代少主,辜成允是因為兄長辜啟允癌症病逝,在1991年臨危授命,接掌自家的台泥企業,對於公司管理,採取鷹式管理,不斷創新,帶領老字號的台泥西進,拓展版圖,不過在2004年,辜成允為了解決家族企業「達裕」的危機,捲入前總統陳水扁的龍潭弊案,在特偵組偵辦過程,他是第一位自首對扁家行賄的企業家。 ==2008.11.4 已故台泥董事長 辜成允== 辜仲諒也告訴我說 他已經跟蔡氏兄弟講好是 如果是能夠促成這個事情 要有一個四億的佣金 因為配合調查,而且繳出一億元不法所得,讓辜成允從弊案,全然脫身,繼續全力衝刺事業,讓台泥從300百億負債,轉虧為盈,從谷底翻身,沒想到,自己卻經不起這一摔,失足喪命,結束一生。 記者 綜合報導