Just days after China's Liaoning carrier was sent through the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan's armed forces are starting its most important training exercises of the year. The exercise simulated an invasion of central Taiwan by the People's Liberation Army. A combination of paratroopers and armored ground forces was dispatched in response to the hypothetical threat, eventually destroying the invaders. The training exercise simulates an invasion of central Taiwan by troops on a helicopter. The enemy forces, with red marks on their helmets, rapidly descend from the choppers. The Taiwan armed forces rapidly dispatch AH-1W Cobra combat helicopters and OH-58D armed reconnaissance helicopters to scout the situation and put pressure on the enemy. With the situation on the battlefield clear, special forces enter the field in UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters and storm the enemy's base. They are followed by a sweep of M60A3 battle tanks and CM32 "Clouded Leopard" armored vehicles. With the cover of the armored troops, the special forces destroy the enemy and repel the invasion. This was the armed forces' Lunar New Year training exercise. A highlight was Chen Pin-fen, who piloted an AH-1W combat helicopter. Chen went to the ROC Military Academy after graduating high school and was selected for further study at the Virginia Military Institute. She is Taiwan's first female combat helicopter pilot. ==CHEN PIN-FEN 602nd Air Cavalry Brigade Pilot, ROC Army== The weapons systems are more complex, we spend more time learning about them. (Why did you choose combat helicopters?) Becoming a combat helicopter pilot has always been a dream of mine. The Army also dispatched "Team Mighty Dragon" paratroopers to showcase their battle prowess. As the Lunar New Year approaches, this exercise is a show of force to prove that with the armed forces in the front lines, Taiwan can rest easy for the holiday. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 國軍演訓模擬敵軍搭乘直昇機滲透中台灣,頭盔上有紅色標記的假想敵,從直昇機上快速垂降。 國軍迅速從陸航特新社基地派出AH-1W眼鏡蛇攻擊直昇機、與OH-58D戰搜直昇機進入戰場偵察與壓制。 確認戰場狀況與安全之後,特戰部隊也搭乘UH-60M黑鷹直昇機進入戰場,並找到敵軍駐紮陣地,進行攻堅。 國軍接著派出M60A3中型戰車、以及CM33雲豹甲車進行威力掃蕩。 在裝甲部隊強力掩護下,特戰部隊殲滅敵軍,化解敵軍滲透危機。 這是國軍年度重要演訓「春節加強戰備巡弋」,其中陸航特AH-1W攻擊直昇機飛行員陳品棻被受關注 ,她在高中畢業後報考陸軍官校飛官班,並被獲選到美國維吉尼亞軍校就讀,之後更成為我國第一位女性戰鬥直昇機飛行員。 ==陸軍航空602旅飛行官 陳品棻== 在武器系統方面 都是比較複雜 會比較多 花比較多時間 在學習武器系統上面 (你選擇攻擊直升機的原因是) 我的夢想就是能夠 成為一位攻擊直升機的飛官 陸軍還出動神龍小組,透過準確的跳傘技能,展現國軍堅強戰力。 在農曆過年即將到來時刻,陸軍動員空中與地面戰力演訓告訴國人,有國軍在第一線保家衛國,讓大家可以安心過個好年。 記者 綜合報導