On Dec. 31, President Tsai Ing-wen held a New Year's Eve news conference to brief on her administration's work since she took office last year. Tsai claimed that, in 2016, her administration built a solid foundation for the country's development in 2017. During her speech, she also urged China to maintain peaceful cross-strait relations. On Dec. 31, President Tsai-Ing wen held a New Year's Eve news conference to brief about her administration's work since she took office this year. During her speech, she talked about recent moves by China and urged both sides of the Taiwan Strait to maintain peaceful relations. ==TSAI ING-WEN ROC President== Step by step, Beijing is going back to the old path of dividing, coercing, and even threatening and intimidating Taiwan. We hope this does not reflect a policy choice by Beijing, but must say that such conduct has hurt the feelings of the Taiwanese people and destabilized cross-strait relations. To appease public concerns, Tsai said that Taiwan is strong enough to deal with changes in cross-strait relations. She also said that the future development of cross-strait relations requires public consensus. When talked about her falling approval rating, now at 38 percent, she said that approval rating changes all the time. The most important thing for her and her administration is knowing what they are doing. Tsai said that among major reforms, she will make pension system reform a top priority.For the sake of financial sustainability, she hopes that the review process can be completed by the middle of next year. Vice President Chen Chien-jen even made an apology to those who will be affected by the reform. ==TSAI ING-WEN ROC President== The reform process is entering the next phase. We expect to submit a proposal to the Legislative Yuan during its next session. ==CHEN CHIEN-JEN ROC Vice President== For those who think they are stigmatized or wronged, I, who serve as the convener of the pension reform committee, hereby apologize to you all. Tsai will be visiting four of Taiwan's Central American allies next week, after Sao Tome and Principe terminated formal ties with Taiwan around two weeks ago. Tsai will make a stopover at the U.S. during her trip. She said that she will carefully deal with U.S.-Taiwan relations. ==TSAI ING-WEN ROC President== We will face uncertainties. These will change the national security team's and the government's adaptability. As to the issue on food import from radiation-affected prefectures in Japan, Tsai said there has not been a plan to lift the ban. When talked about the ill-gotten party assets issue, she called on the KMT to sit down and talk with her, so that the issue can be quickly relegated to history. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 今天,是2016年的,最後一天,總統蔡英文,舉行「歲末談話」。一改過去「元旦文告」模式,蔡英文是侃侃而談,揭示2016,為打椿一年,2017要全力發展,政府先苦後甘,人民才能夠苦盡甘來。同時,也對於兩岸關係走向,加重力道、向對岸喊話。 不做元旦文告,改為歲末談話,總統蔡英文針對兩岸關係,共軍近期不斷有軍機巡台和遼寧艦演練行動,蔡英文也加重力道,向對岸喊話。 ==總統 蔡英文== 北京當局正一步步地 退回對台灣分化 打壓甚至威脅恫嚇的老路 我們希望這不是 北京當局政策性的抉擇 但是要提醒這樣的作為 傷害了台灣人民的感情 也影響到兩岸關係的穩定  為穩定民心,蔡英文也向國人保證,國家整體力量,足以應付兩岸變局,兩岸發展,需要全體國民共同討論。對於執政至今,民調只剩38%,蔡英文說民調會起落,政府知道自己在做什麼最重要,尤其年金改革引起國內反彈,但政府必須追求財政永續,希望明年中能完成審查,副總統陳建仁更姿態放軟,先向被改革者致歉。 ==總統 蔡英文== (年金改革)我們預計在下個會期 把最後的版本 送到立法院來審查 ==副總統 陳建仁== 如果還是有人覺得 被汙名化或者感到委屈 我願意用改革委員會 召集人的身分 來表達歉意 在聖多美普林西比與我斷交後,蔡英文即將出訪中美洲四邦交國,也會過境美國,對於川蔡熱線後的未來台美關係,蔡英文也謹慎因應。 ==總統 蔡英文== 我們也會面臨到一些不確定性 這個也將會考驗我們 所有的國安團隊 跟整體政府的應變能力 面對日本核食進口,蔡英文則強調沒有開放的時間表;對於近來追討國民黨不當黨產爭議,呼籲國民黨能坐下來談,讓不當黨產走入歷史。 記者 李曉儒 陳信隆 SNG 台北報導