The number of Chinese tourists in Taiwan has dropped significantly this year with the chill in cross-strait relationship. Recent rumors say that an even greater drop in tourist numbers is expected next year, with no Chinese tour groups coming to next year's Lantern Festival. A 24-member tour group from Indonesia poses in front of the National Palace Museum. In the past, the museum was full of Chinese tour groups and mainland accents could be heard everywhere. Now, the languages of Southeast Asia are becoming more common. ==MARIO WILSON, Indonesian visitor== It's a pretty great country. Yeah, it's nice. ==SILVIA SYLVANA, Indonesian visitor== School holidays, public holidays... many (Indonesian) tourists come to Taiwan. These Indonesian tour groups on ten-day trips are an increasingly common sight across Taiwan. Even so, the tourism industry is concerned by the 500,000-person drop in visitors from China this year. Even the number of independent Chinese tourists has dropped by 1600 to 2000 daily. Now rumors suggest that Chinese tour group numbers for early next year are falling short of expectations, and that there may be no Chinese tour groups for the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin. ==LI CHI-YUEH, Spokesperson, Travel Agent Assoc. of ROC, Taiwan== How to secure our existing markets while developing new ones, is something that the Tourism Bureau or even the entire government needs to help us and give us some direction with. Otherwise, the impact on the industry will be severe. The Travel Agent Association says that the cut in Chinese tourists is making a bad situation worse for Taiwan's tourism market. Tourism companies say that, to prevent a deep freeze in Taiwan's tourism industry, the government must work to secure the existing customer base even as it expands into new markets. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 不管是跳躍、還是擺出不同的pose,來自印尼的24人旅行團,開心的在建築物前合影留念。過去的故宮博物院,總是被滿滿的大陸觀光團包圍,走道哪,都能聽到對岸口音,但現在也能聽到不少來自東南亞國家的語言。 ==印尼旅客 Mario Wilson== 台灣是個很棒的國家 各方面都很好 ==印尼旅客 Silvia Sylvana== 不管是學校假日 或是國定假日 越來越多(印尼)旅客來台灣 像這樣10天9夜的印尼團來台數量大增,行程也是走遍全台。不過,即使東南亞國家來台旅客明顯增加,觀光業者還是很擔心,因為比起去年,今年來台的陸客就少了約50萬人,連自由行的人數每天也減少約1600到2000人。而現在又傳出明年元旦、春節陸客團人數不如預期、明年雲林舉辦的燈會,對岸可能不會派團出席。對明年觀光業的衝擊很大。 ==旅行商業同業公會全國聯合會發言人 李奇嶽== 如何在新興市場的開發 還有舊有市場鞏固 我想這需要觀光局這邊 甚至是整個市政府要 給我們一個很好的代理 讓產業有方向可以去努力 不然的話產業 會有非常嚴峻的衝擊 旅行商業同業公會全聯會表示,在兩岸關係未改善,及川蔡熱線的影響下,陸客限縮對台灣觀光市場更是雪上加霜。業者認為,開創新興市場的同時,政府積極鞏固舊有的客源,才能防止讓觀光產業進入寒冬。 記者 王柏文 陳立峰 台北報導