The KMT chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chiu departed for China on Oct 30 to attend a cross-strait forum. Hung said this trip is aimed at cross-strait peace development. The KMT also said that Hung will not deviate from her set agenda. In response to concerns that she will not be talking about the "One China, different interpretations" and KMT's cross-strait policy, Hung said that her purpose is to promote cross-strait peace and stability. Right before KMT chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chiu's trip to China, conflict erupted between the KMT supporters and Taiwan Solidarity Union youth members at Taoyuan International Airport. Hung was surrounded by security personnel at the airport. Many have questioned Hung's cross-strait peace policy and her silence on the "One China, respective interpretations" policy. ==HUNG HSIU-CHIU, KMT Chair== In the grand scheme of history, it is petty to be stuck in the arguments of a single word or phrase. The KMT is no doubt against Taiwan independence. As for words and phrases, they should not be overemphasized. Hung said that cross-strait talks have come to a halt after the DPP administration took office. However, non-official exchanges should not be disrupted. The KMT should bear the responsibility for the people of Taiwan. Hung will tactfully mention the Republic of China during her visit to Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum and present the KMT's peace policy platform to Xi Jinping during their meeting, but will like not make any unexpected comments. ==HUNG HSIU-CHIU, KMT chair== We need to continue to promote cross-strait exchanges between the people of both sides. Although communication between the governments have cooled down, people should not stop engaging in dialogues. ==TSAI CHENG-YUAN, KMT Central Policy Committee Director== She will talk about KMT's policies but will not mention "one China, same interpretations". She will not say anything unexpected. Some people asked the Hung-Xi meeting to be public. In response, Tsai Cheng-yuan said that Hung will play by the book and act in the same way as former KMT chairs. After her visit to Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum in Nanjing, Hung will leave for Beijing to attend the Hung-Xi meeting on Nov 1st and the Cross-Strait Peace Development Forum on the 2nd. She will return to Taiwan on the 3rd. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 國民黨主席洪秀柱啟程訪陸,只是人還沒到桃園機場,支持者和台聯青年軍就在機場外互相對嗆,一度爆發肢體衝突。 機場門口到入關處,洪秀柱被安全人員緊緊包圍,但黨內不只對洪秀柱的和平政綱有意見,對她只提九二共識不提一中各表更感冒,讓洪秀柱行前不忘向質疑者喊話。 ==國民黨主席 洪秀柱== 在歷史的洪流裡面 不要為了一句話一個字 大家去爭執不休 其實國民黨一定是反台獨的嘛 至於其他的小節 小句子 小字 我覺得我們不需要去無限放大 洪秀柱表示,民進黨上台後兩岸溝通中斷,但民間交流仍要持續,國民黨要有勇氣為2300萬人承擔;據了解洪秀柱此行,將技巧性的,在中山陵謁靈時提到"中華民國",在洪習會時向習近平介紹"和平政綱",不會簽任何協議,不會有太多意外。 ==國民黨主席 洪秀柱== 我們要繼續做這個推手 讓兩岸的民間交流不要中斷 不能夠因為政府和政府之間 冷若冰霜 就讓兩岸的人民 開始有了隔閡 ==國民黨政策會執行長 蔡正元== 中國國民黨的政治綱領 沒有一中同表 不會脫軌的演出 對外界要求洪習會全程公開,蔡正元表示,洪秀柱將遵守國民黨綱領與歷任主席與陸方互動軌跡與會,黨內外不用疑懼。而洪秀柱明天將到南京中山陵謁陵,並前往北京,11月1號洪習會登場,2號參加兩岸和平發展論壇,3號返國。 記者 李曉儒 郭俊麟 台北報導