There are currently more than 57000 Thai workers and 8000 Thai immigrants in Taiwan. Since Taoyuan has the highest density of people from Thailand, the Taoyuan City Government has set up a public altar for Thai workers and immigrants to mourn the death of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died at the age of 88. It'll be open to public until October 30th. This is not Thailand. It's Taoyuan City in Taiwan. The city government set up a memorial site at the old train station lobby for people to pay their final respects to the late Thailand King Bhumibol. Taoyuan City has the most numerous Thai population in Taiwan, the city has nearly 16,000 Thai migrants and over 2,000 Thai immigrant residents. ==THAI RESIDENT== Because I was married to here, I cannot go back (to pay respect). My child has to go to school, although I want to go back. ==THAI RESIDENT== The whole world is saddened, because our King is very good. He is the world's longest-reigning monarch. Seventy years! We really love this King. We really love this King. Thailand's King Bhumibol passed away on October 13. In order to assist Thai migrants and immigrant residents to pay their final respects, the memorial site will open till October 30. ==CHANG PEI-LING, Foreign Worker Affairs Section Chief, Taoyuan Dept. of Labor== To assist the Thai residents and workers, we obtained authorization from the Thailand Trade and Economic Office in Taipei. We obtained the King's photo, and were allowed to set up a place for memorial purpose. Many Thai friends signed their condolences for the late King. The signatures will be collected and submitted to the Thailand Trade and Economic Office in Taipei, and will finally be delivered to Thailand's Royal Palace. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 這兒不是泰國,是桃園舊火車站大廳設有泰王追思會場。桃園市有將近1萬6千位泰籍移工和2千多位泰籍新住民,是全台泰籍人士最多的地方。 ==泰籍新住民== 因為我嫁過來 也是沒辦法回去的 小孩子還在上課 我也是很想回去 ==泰籍新住民== 全世界都傷心 因為我們這個國王很好 他又當國王 全世界最久的 70年啦 真的我們愛這個國王 真的很愛這國王 泰王13號駕崩,為了體恤身在異鄉、回國不易的泰國移工和新住民們,桃園市設置泰王追思會場、開放到30號。 ==桃市勞動局外勞事務科科長 張珮玲== 為了照顧他們 我們特別跟泰國駐台北經濟貿易辦事處 這邊取得他們的授權 取得國王的照片 還是有一個場所 追思他們的國王 在追思會現場,泰國朋友寫下對泰王追思悼念的話,也將交由泰國經濟貿易辦事處,送回泰國皇宮留存。 記者 詹淑雲 桃園報導

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