Following reports that Galaxy Note 7 replacements were also catching fire, Samsung halted the model's sales and recall programs worldwide. Taiwan Samsung announced that customers can now ask for refunds or exchange a note 7 for other Samsung phones by going to their website or contacting customer service. After several cases of replacement Galaxy Note 7s catching firing were reported worldwide, Samsung stores in Taiwan saw a decrease in customers. Some customers said they would not buy any Samsung product in the future, others said they would still support Samsung if the company can deal with the problem in earnest. ==Mr. Tsai, Hong Kong user== I will never use a Samsung phone anymore. I have been using Samsung phones for years. I'm still using one. I have been using Samsung phones since Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 2. However, I am afraid to use one now. ==Mr. Wu, student == If Samsung can effectively deal with the problem, I will accept it. However, if the situation keeps worsening and that they only want to shirk their responsibility, I will not accept it. Before Taiwan suspended sales of the model, over 40,000 Galaxy Note 7s were sold. Customers who want to return their Galaxy Note 7s or exchange theirs for other Samsung phones can go to Samsung's official website or call customer service to make a reservation in advance. ==WANG TZU-PING, Taiwan Samsung Marketing== Customers can now return replacement Galaxy Note 7s. We will provide preferential plans for customers who want to get another phone. ==HUANG HSIU-CHING, Asia Pacific Telecom marketing VP== Telecom providers are still waiting for Samsung's notification. We will make customers' rights our top priority. As to whether customers can receive a full refund for Galaxy Note 7 accessories, Samsung said that as long as the accessories remain intact, customers can take their receipts to the stores where they purchased them for a full refund. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 受到新版Galaxy Note7又出現自燃的影響,台灣三星門市人潮明顯少了許多。三星Note 7全球停售並且將開放退貨,有消費者表示不會再購買三星任何產品,但也有人認為,只要三星誠實面對,還是會支持。 ==香港民眾 蔡先生== 肯定不會再用了 我以前用三星手機很多年了 對啊現在還在用 三星Note2到現在 但是不敢再用了 ==民眾 吳同學== 如果他能改善的話 是可以(接受) 但他們如果一直都沒有改善 就是一樣想把事情壓下來 就解決的話 我覺得不應該 台灣三星表示,新版Note7已經停止銷售,但在台灣已經販售出4萬多支。民眾要退貨或更換機型,要先上官網或是向客服專線預約登記,期限到11月15號為止。 ==台灣三星公關 王慈萍== 新版Galaxy Note7亦將開放退貨 並提供相關的換購優惠方案 ==亞太電信公關協理 黃秀卿== 電信商都還是在等候 三星原廠的通知 那執行方式我們會另行公告 那當然我們會以維護 消費者最大的權益為原則 至於有民眾指出,之前購買手機配件,是否也能夠全額退款?台灣三星表示,配件部分只要配件完整,沒有人為損壞,只要憑發票到原購買通路商,就可以全額退費。 記者 李志華 陳昌維 台北報導