Former National Palace Museum director resigns from Beijing post / 接任新職引爭議 馮明珠向北京故宮請辭          

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Former National Palace Museum director Feng Ming-chu yesterday said she had resigned from her advisory post in the Beijing Palace Museum Research Institute, or the BPMRI. ==FENG MING-CHU Former director of National Palace Museum== Since this has unleashed much social turmoil, including some inconvenience to myself. Therefore, as of today, Oct. 3, I have resigned from the post as an consultant of the Beijing Palace Museum Research Institute. Feng's job at the BPMRI was controversial because some legislators and experts said the historical relics and confidential documents preserved by the National Palace Museum, or the NPM are "national secrets." Some have questioned whether Feng deliberated shortened the required 3 years that former NPM officials have to wait before taking up positions in China to 3 months. As she did that just before stepping down in May, many are asking if she made the change just so that she could go on to work in Beijing. Feng denied such speculation, saying: "There is no such thing." TRANSLATED BY:STELLA TU ==前國立故宮博物院長 馮明珠== 既然已經造成 社會這麼多紛擾 包括我自己也有遇到 很大的困擾 所以我已經在今天 我已經在10月3號 辭去故宮研究院顧問一職 馮明珠說,已用雙掛號將辭職信函寄出,也強調,擔任顧問沒有任何報酬,至於她在任內,將赴中國管制年限由3年改為3個月,馮明珠表示,一切依法辦理。她也認為,博物院有業務機密但應不涉及國家機密,她擔任公務員38年,一切都遵守國家法律。陸委會則表示,這起事件有沒有違法,正進行相關行政調查,近期內會有更明確的進展,到時將對外說明 記者 綜合報導