FSC chair resigns over mega bank scandal / 兆豐風暴 金管會主委丁克華請辭下台          

Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman Ting Kung-wha resigned yesterday after just five months in the post. Both pan-blue and pan-green legislators believe he should take responsibility for handling the Mega Bank money laundering scandal. Ting said he was resigning to clear his name and prevent further damaging the FSC. Repercussions from the Mega Bank money laundering scandal continue to rumble on. Financial Supervisory Commission Chair Ting Kung-hwa resigned on Monday, despite his public announcements that he would oversee a thorough investigation into who was behind the scandal. The Legislative Yuan held a secret meeting and decided to publish a list of account holders, none of which were Taiwanese. Earlier on it had been rumored that many DPP legislators wanted Ting to take responsibility for the scandal but he was not willing, saying he did not want to play that game. ==TING KUNG-WHA Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman(105.9.29)== I never said that I cared about my own position, and as long as am in the job, I will continue to do what I must do. Although he said to the media that he would stay in the post and do what needed to be done, in hindsight it could be seen as an intimation of his intention to resign. His resignation document states that as soon as the Mega Bank incident occurred the FSC started administrative investigations. However, there was continuous suspicion directed towards himself and the FSC which prompted him to resign so as not to cause further damage to the FSC. ==TING KUNG-WHA REPORTER (105.9.29)== Do you feel that FSC has been maligned? I agreed to take the post and discharge my responsibilities fully. If people think I am unsuitable to something like that, then there are administrative steps to be taken. Ting has substantial financial experience and rose through the ranks in a financial career to become Chairman of the Taipei Exchange. Lin Chuan sought seven different candidates as FSC Chair but none were willing. Ting was his university classmate and agreed to take the post but after just five months was stymied by the Mega Bank scandal. Pan-blue legislators see Ting as Lin's sacrificial lamb, whereas pan-green legislators criticize the handling of the Mega Bank case and say it is natural that Ting should take responsibility for it. Ting himself has made no further comments on his resignation, but said he would never accept a political post again. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 兆豐案延燒多時,金管會主委丁克華,曾高喊徹查到底,一定會抓出幕後藏鏡人,沒想到日前立院召開秘密會議,結果公佈帳戶名單,連一個台灣人都沒有,當時就傳出,有不少綠營立委.要丁克華負責,而他當時也不避諱回應,說完全不戀棧職位。 ==金管會主委 丁克華(105.9.29)== 我們從來也沒有說 在乎我們自己的位置 但是我想 我們只是 我在這個位置一天 我會把我該做的事情做好 強調不論去留,只求把事情做好,沒想到面對媒體的這席話,似乎就在預告,自己即將去職,再看看他的辭職聲明稿,內容強調,對於兆豐案,金管會第一時間已做出行政調查,但外界對他與金管會質疑不斷,才會辭職自清,而這麼做也是為了幫金管會止血. ==金管會主委 丁克華 vs. 記者(105.9.29)== 會覺得委屈嗎 不會啦 答應坐這個位置 就把它做好 大家覺得說不適合 或怎麼樣的話 那自然會有它 行政上的一些做法啦 其實丁克華財經資歷完整,從基層財經官員,一路爬到,櫃買中心董事長,而當時林全組閣時,金管會主委人選一度難產,曾連續徵詢7個人都被拒絕,最後才找上大學同學丁克華,結果沒想到,上任不到5個月,就被兆豐案徹底壓垮. 丁克華下台,藍營立委解讀是成了林全的代罪羔羊,但綠營立委認為,兆豐案處理不當,社會觀感不佳,本來就該負起政治責任,至於丁克華閃辭,他本人則選擇低調,不願回應,但強調不願接受任何政治指派的職位. 記者 黃立偉 張國樑 台北報導