When a professional baseball player and a cartoonist meet up, something great happened. Baseball player Chou Ssu-chi 周思齊 from the Chinese Professional Baseball League and cartoonist AO You-Hsiang had been working together to raise funds. for they have established a reading classroom in Chou's hometown of Hualien, and their objective is to imrpove young baseball players' reading abilities. Sitting with their idol, the little baseball players of Hualien Chien-yuan Elementary School are listening to their mentor brother Chou Ssu-chi talking Taiwan baseball history. There are over a hundred baseball related books on shelves. Comics are the most popular books chosen for reading. ==PLAYER, Hualien Chien-yuan Elementary School Baseball Team== I get to know more history about baseball. ==PLAYER, Hualien Chien-yuan Elementary School Baseball Team == If baseball playing were to add with history, then I have more feeling to it. This baseball reading classroom is sponsored by Chou Ssu-chi, the baseball player of Brother Elephants of Chinese Professional Baseball League. Chou was born in Hualien and he realizes the importance of reading ability to baseball players, he called several civil groups and Taiwan Lottery Company to fund this classroom. ==CHOU SSU-CHI, Brother Elephants of Chinese Professional Baseball League== Education and reading ability have to start when you are little. Children are like sponges, you have to offer them many resources. How to attract young baseball players to read? Cartoon writer Ao Yo-hsiang spent two months, created a book of comics on Taiwan baseball history, from Japanese colonial period to modern times. ==AO YOU-HSIANG, Cartoonist== I personally think comics are most suitable, because images are more acceptable by children. This baseball reading classroom is sufficient for thirteen elementary schools which have baseball teams. To encourage little baseball players, Chou also set up scholarship, and help more elementary students on their roads to playing baseball. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 為了讓喜歡運動的小球員們,也可以培養閱讀習慣,中華職棒、兄弟象選手周思齊,還有漫畫家--敖幼祥,特別結合了民間社團和公益彩券,在花蓮成立棒球閱讀教室。 圍著心目中的偶像,花蓮中原國小棒球隊的小朋友,正在聽周思齊哥哥講述台灣棒球歷史,後方的書架上還有上百本棒球的相關書籍,其中漫畫最受歡迎。 ==花蓮中原國小棒球隊 隊員== 了解更多歷史 棒球的歷史 ==花蓮中原國小棒球隊隊員== 棒球還有加入歷史的關係 感覺看起來比較有感覺 事實上這間棒球閱讀教室,就是職棒兄弟象選手周思齊所籌措,身為花蓮子弟的他,深知運動選手也必須培養閱讀的重要,所以特別和民間社團還有公益彩券一起找資源贊助。 ==中華職棒兄弟象選手 周思齊== 我覺得教育跟閱讀習慣 要從小開始 小朋友他就很像一個海綿 那需要給他很多的資源 但要如何吸引小球員閱讀,漫畫家敖幼祥老師也特別花兩個月,畫出了一本台灣棒球史漫畫,內容描述從日治時期到現代的台灣棒球發展過程。 ==漫畫家 敖幼祥== 我個人是覺得漫畫最適合 因為圖像的東西 小朋友會比較容易接受 而這間棒球閱讀教室,目前可服務花蓮13間有棒球隊的國小,為了鼓勵孩子,還成立了羅道厚閱讀獎學金,來幫助更多小選手的棒球之路。 記者溫嘉楷 花蓮報導