Mofa Minister discusses visit with president / 李大維:蔡踏實外交 堅與民主國家合作          

On July 4, Foreign Affairs Minister David Lee was debriefed at the Legislative Yuan on President Tsai's recent state visit to Panama and Paraguay. Lee said President Tsai's foreign policy, officially titled "Steadfast Diplomacy," includes firmly increasing Taiwan's visibility internationally and building relations with more free and democratic countries. Lee revealed that Taiwan's diplomatic relations with Panama and Paraguay are steady, but not the same can be said for all other allies. Minister Lee attended the committee session and reports on President Tsai's overseas trip to Panama and Paraguay. Minister says President Tsai's foreign policy is set as "Steadfast Diplomacy." ==DAVID LEE MOFA Minister and CHIANG CHI-CHEN KMT Legislator== Part of it is called "Flexible Diplomacy," it's like creating a brand over a new packaging, and we called it "Steadfast Diplomacy." I think the major difference is the focus on mutual benefits, a win-win relation. Minister Lee emphasizes that Taiwan's diplomatic relations with the two nations are steady, however with some other diplomatic nations, the relations appear to be in danger. ==DAVID LEE MOFA Minister and WANG TING-YU, DPP Legislator== All our diplomatic relations with other nations are steady? (Not all of them.) Some are not stable? (Right) To what extend? I won't ask you which country. (I can't say more at public occasions.) Has China indeed already started a war on diplomacy? (The pressure is always present. We don't have the right to be pessimistic, we have to work with optimism.) President Tsai's trip expenditure plus former President Ma's final overseas trip expenditures totaled up to an overdraft of NT$30 million. Lee says President Tsai would not have enough fund to make another overseas trip this year. Regarding Vice President Chen's proposed trip to visit the Vatican City State in September, Lee says the proposal is yet to be confirmed. Also, the arbitration on the territorial dispute over South China Sea is set to be released on July 12th. Minister Lee says MOFA would not compromise over the sovereignty issues. ==DAVID LEE MOFA Minister== When the arbitration result is released, we will carefully examine it. Our government has a clear position, sovereignty is absoluteness and we do not compromise. Some media reported that China to conduct military exercises from July 5th to 11th over Paracel Islands in South China Sea, just days ahead of arbitration result. Minister Lee says the National Security Council already had meetings and will have another one today for preparing responsive actions. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 總統蔡英文出訪回國,外交部長李大維4號到國會報告成果,李大維表示,蔡英文宣示的踏實外交,英文定調為Steadfast Diplomacy,是要穩健踏實拓展國際空間。 ==外交部長李大維VS國民黨立委江啟臣== 它就是一部分就是活路外交 然後只是說在名稱的包裝上面 賦予一個新的品牌 叫做踏實外交 我想應該這樣講 最大的一個差別就是在 所謂互惠互利的一個雙贏關係 蔡英文出訪巴拿馬和巴拉圭,李大維強調,台灣與這雙巴邦交穩定,但是也不諱言,與其他的邦交國狀態不完全穩定,確實部分有危機。 ==外交部長李大維VS民進黨立委王定宇== 全世界我們的邦交國 目前狀態都穩定 不完全 所以是有危機的地方 對 那有危機的地方 嚴峻到什麼程度 哪一國我就不問你 在公開場合我沒有辦法講多了 中國確實開始進行交戰 這個壓力始終都在 沒有悲觀的權利 要樂觀以赴 由於蔡英文此次出訪經費9千萬,加上前總統馬英九的久安專案6千萬,外交部坦言已經透支約3千萬,李大維說蔡英文今年內不可能再有錢出訪,而副總統陳建仁傳出9月出訪梵蒂岡,目前還沒定案。至於立委也關心12號即將出爐的南海仲裁案,李大維表示,外交部捍衛主權,絕對不妥協。 ==外交部長李大維== 仲裁案出來了以後 我們詳細閱讀判決之後 政府會有清楚的立場 國家的主權是絕對堅持 不會有所妥協  傳出中國大陸在5日至11日,在南海的西沙群島一帶舉行軍事演習,就在南海仲裁案出爐之前,李大維表示國安會已對仲裁案開過三次會,5號將再開會,做沙盤推演。 記者 李曉儒 王興中 陳昌維 台北報導