Prosecutors Search Home of Yen Kuan-heng 被檢舉豪宅拋售疑「假交易」 顏寬恒遭搜索

M. Chuang
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Prosecutors say they got a tip that Yen Kuan-heng was living in an illegal structure and got another tip later on that he'd sold the property below market price in a fake transaction. Prosecutors have charged Yen with illegal occupation of real property and falsifying documents. Yen says this is political persecution.

The Taichung District Prosecutors Office searched the home of former lawmaker Yen Kuan-heng on the 28th and questioned Yen and his wife overnight. Bail for the couple is pending.

Chan Chang-hui, Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Taichung District Prosecutors Office: “The defendant, surnamed Yen, has been charged with illegal occupation of real property and forging documents. Mr. Yen and his wife, Ms. Chen, were questioned and bail of NT$10 million and NT$5 million bail, respectively, is pending.”

Taichung prosecutors say they received a tip when Yen announced he was running in the legislative by-election last year that his Shalu home was an illegal structure. The home was torn down after the election. The land and other structures were later sold below market price. Prosecutors say they recently got another tip that the sale was a fake transaction and therefore indicted Yen for unlawful occupation of real property and falsifying documents. Bail for Yen and his wife, NT$10 million and NT$5 million, respectively, is pending. In response, Yen criticized prosecutors for conducting a politically motivated investigation.

Yen Kuan-heng, Former Legislator (KMT): “The land in question had a legal lease attached to it. How the land was being used was completely legal. Where did the illegal occupation occur? This has everything to do with Yen Kuan-heng running for legislator and them wanting to take him down.”

Yen says the sale and purchase of the Shalu residence was completely above board and most of his personal possessions have already been removed from the premises. He also showed documents proving the land was legally acquired from the National Property Administration and says prosecutors overstepped their bounds searching the property. In addition, he found the timing of the investigation suspicious as everything happened right after he registered for the legislative by-election primary. Yen says he will protect his innocence in the face of political persecution.