Families of 228 Victims Fighting for Relocation of Monument 228受難者紀念碑放路旁 家屬難受爭取歸位

Tomorrow is the 228 Peace Memorial Day. According to Yilan County's data, seven victims died at Qinyuan Temple. However, their monument was placed on the side of the temple. The families of victims had been fighting for relocation to the place of incident for years, yet the temple never agreed.

A monument is haphazardly placed on the roadside, with ongoing traffic. This monument, situated at the side of Toucheng Matzu temple plaza, was set up by the county government in memory of the seven victims who died in the 228 Incident. However, the location at a street corner is simply negligible by the public.

Citizen: “Did not notice (not noticeable normally). Yes, I would not notice under normal circumstances.”

Citizen: “(Would you notice it normally) No, I wouldn't notice.”

According to official data, there were at least 33 Feb. 28 victims in Yilan County. Places of calamities started north in Toucheng and spread south to Nanao. The county government set up various monuments in 2016 for victims all around, among which the plaza in front of Toucheng Matzu Temple was the place with the heaviest death toll in the Feb. 28 Incident. Based on official statistics, one of the victims, included Kuo Chang-yuan, the then Superintendent of Yilan Hospital.

Chang Wen-yi, Chairman, Yilan County 228 Victims Family Care Association: “It is now placed on the roadside, really embarrassing and also very disrespectful to the victims.”

Families of victims believe that the location of the monument is in contradiction to history and also expressed directly that it appears very unbecoming and embarrassing. They had long been fighting to relocate the Toucheng monument to the plaza, the place of origin. However, the fight was halted because the temple opposed it as there were no Toucheng residents among the victims, and they try to avoid commemorating dead people in front of goddess Matzu. 

Lai Pei-yun, Religious Etiquette Section Chief, Civil Affairs Department, Yilan County: “We invited the association, district office, temple, and relevant units to establish a platform where people's opinions can be fully communicated and reflected. ”

Although the county government has already assisted the family and temple to set up a platform for communication and promised that it will continue to facilitate communication, the monument had nevertheless been sitting on the roadside all these years. When will that final step of transformational justice be taken? This surely tests the intelligence of public offices.




民眾說:「沒注意, (沒有注意這樣,平常不會注意到。)對,平常不會注意到。」

也有民眾說:「(平常會注意到嗎?) 平常沒注意到。」






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