National Baseball Team Prepares for WBC 備戰經典賽 中華隊斗六棒球場進行集訓

The Chinese Taipei national baseball team is currently training in Yunlin for the 2023 World Baseball Classic. It is training with the iPitch Smart Pitching Machine, which is on loan from the Chinese Professional Baseball League and is used by 18 MLB teams.

The Chinese Taipei national baseball team has begun training for the upcoming 2023 World Baseball Classic. Bullpen coach Wang Chien-ming has been helping pitchers to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of covering to reduce opportunities for losing points.

Wang Chien-ming, Bullpen Coach, Chinese Taipei Nat'l Baseball Team: “Everyone looks to be quite normal, everyone's there and has entered that situation.”

The players are building rapport by training together as a group. The team's managers asked the Chinese Professional Baseball League to lend its iPitch Smart Pitching Machine to the national team. This machine is used by 18 MLB teams and is the only one in Asia.

Manufacturer: “You can input more precise data, including ball speed, revolutions per minute, and the so-called axis of rotation. ”

Catcher Dai Pei-fong faced the iPitch inputted with Shohei Ohtani's 2022 stats for the first time. Ohtani is known for six types of pitches.

Tsai Chi-chang, Commissioner, Chinese Professional Baseball League: “We think this will greatly benefit the players with their training. As I said before, we will do whatever the coaching staff needs. If they need any training equipment, we will do our best to help.”

The foreign media doesn't think highly of Chinese Taipei's chances. Chinese Professional Baseball League Commissioner Tsai Chi-chang said he respects all predictions. He also said the strongest logistics team is supporting the strongest national team to increase its chances of winning by ensuring that all preparations are made so the players will be in the best condition to compete.











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