Wu Thanks Voters for Their Support After Losing 立委補選落幕 吳怡農.王鴻薇今明展開謝票

Enoch Wu lost by the Taipei City legislative by-election by over 5,000 votes, but is not closing the door on possibly running against Wang Hung-wei again in 2024.

On the 9th, Enoch Wu drove around the streets of his district thanking voters for their support. Wu lost the Taipei City legislative by-election to Wang Hung-wei on the 8th, and Wang's thank-you tour will take place on the 10th. Wu lost the district election by over 5,000 votes. Both were asked if they could see themselves running against each other again in 2024.

Wang Hung-wei, Taipei City Legislative By-election Winner (KMT): “I believe as long as I do my job well, (voters) will give me another chance. I don't I'm qualified to have a hypothetical list of enemies.”

Taipei City Legislative By-election Unshortlisted Candidate (DPP): “I congratulate her (Wang Hung-wei). I just lost the election, so the first thing I will do tomorrow is to thank everyone one of my friends that voted for me.”

Premier Su Tseng-chang, meanwhile, had high praise for Wu.

Su Tseng-chang, ROC Premier: “(Enoch Wu) deserves nothing but praise for the number of votes he was able to get during this time and in this district. We feel very bad that he got so much support and yet was still unable to win the election. We'll self-reflect and work harder.”

The DPP has now lost three elections in a row, from the nine-in-one local elections to the Chiayi City election to the Taipei City legislative by-election. Meanwhile, calls for a Cabinet reshuffle are only getting louder and Su is being lambasted for refusing to step down. His daughter, Su Chiao-hui, is defending him.

Su Chiao-hui, Legislator (DPP): “Premier (Su Tseng-chang) has been in politics for over 40 years. His commitment to protecting the nation and protecting the people has never wavered. I've never seen someone who has had to dodge so many bullets and yet still be criticized for refusing to leave office.”

Su's recent gathering for senior government officials and civil servants was seen as a "farewell banquet," but he says it was more of a "year-end banquet" to thank personnel for their hard work and at the same time remind them that they have to work through the Lunar New Year holiday on behalf of the nation and the people.












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