Residential Fire Kills Five Members of Same Family 台中大里民宅惡火釀5死 屋主脫困逃生

Five of six members of a Taichung family that were at home when a fire broke out in their townhouse at 3 a.m. unfortunately did not survive.

Explosions can be heard coming from inside the home. Firefighters were called to this building on Taichung's Dongnnan Road at 3 a.m. on the 6th. The 66-year-old homeowner, who was on the first floor, managed to crawl out on his own, but his five family members on higher already had no vital signs by the time firefighters found them.

Chan Jen-chieh, Captain, Taichung City Fire Bureau Third Corps: “There were two people on the second floor and three on the third. Unfortunately, all had suffered OHCAs by the time we arrived.”

He opened his door and crawled out. He said he still had family members inside and they couldn't get down to the first floor. The smoke was very dense. It was hard to breathe. The five members of the family that were rescued were pronounced dead at the hospital. They included the 62-year-old wife of the homeowner, their 38-year-old daughter, 32-year-old second son, and 12-year-old and 6-month-old grandsons.

Chen Ta-min, Asia University Hospital Emergency Medicine Chief: “They didn't have any vital signs when they arrived at the hospital. Their pupils were dilated and their bodies and oral and nasal cavities were covered in carbon particles. We gave them emergency treatment but to no avail.”

The fire was extinguished at 5:25 a.m. A short while later, fire investigators arrived on the scene along with the homeowner's eldest son, who had been at work. The son believes the fire may have been started by a 10-year-old electric heater.

Mr. Chen, Homeowner's Son: “(It may have been) the electric heater. (How old is it?) You mean that one? It's pretty old. It's probably around six or seven or close to 10 years old.”

The Fire Bureau says the fire probably started on the first floor and the residents on the upper floors may have fallen into unconsciousness in their sleep from smoke inhalation. The city government will provide the surviving members of the family with financial aid to help them get back on their feet.











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