59th Golden Horse Award Nominations Revealed 第59屆金馬獎入圍揭曉 港片「智齒」大贏家

The 59th annual Golden Horse Awards will take place on Nov. 19. at the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Let's take a look at the nominees.

The Executive Committee of the Golden Horse Awards held its 59th nomination press conference on Sept. 27, where last year's best supporting actress Wang Yu-xuan and best leading actor Tseng Jing-hua disclosed the list. Of which, nominees for the best leading actor include Lam Ka-tung from "Limbo," Chang Hsiao-chuan from "The Post-Truth World," and together with Yu An-shun from "Coo-Coo 043." Nominees for best leading actress include Cya Liu of "Limbo" and Sylvia Chang of "A Light Never Goes Out," together with other female actresses contesting for the best actress award.

Wen Tien-hsiang, Executive Committee CEO, 59th Golden Horse Awards: “Some of the nominees for best director are new cutting-edge directors. Actually, Coo-Coo 043 is director Chan Ching-lin's first movie. Previously he was nominated for best new director for "The Island That All Flow By." ”

The best director award is contested by Laha Mebow's "Gaga" and Chan Ching-lin's "Coo-Coo 043." HK film "Limbo" received 14 nominations, including best feature film, best leading actor, etc., topping as the biggest winner. Taiwan film "Incantation" has also been nominated for 13 categories, including best director, etc. 

Wen Tien-hsiang, Executive Committee CEO, 59th Golden Horse Awards: “I believe unbiased critique on a film-by-film basis is a very very important component of this contest. We never add points or deduct points merely based on the theme of the product.”

This year's Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker goes to the deceased master Chen Ming-ze, emphasizing his forte in presenting images combining real actions with special effects, allowing him to produce dazzling yet safe scenes. The award ceremony will be held at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on Nov. 19.









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