Over 3,000 Pokelai Members Have Been Scammed 「博客來」疑內部洩個資 逾3千會員遭詐騙

More than 3,000 members of Taiwan's leading online bookstore pokelai have received calls from fraud rings, pretending to be customer service staff. Police suspect there's someone from the bookstore leaking personal infomation. The bookstore says they'll cooperate with the police for further investigation.

Scam alert jumps out lately if you visited Taiwan's popular online bookstore retailer books.com.tw, otherwise known as Pokelai. Mr. Chuang, who's a member of Pokelai, happen to fall victim to a scam and was defrauded of nearly NT$360,000.  

Mr. Chuang, Victim: “Everything they said matched with whatever I had purchased. They even knew where I picked up my books. I trusted Pokelai, that's why I bought things there. I can't accept how they handled my situation.”

Pokelai could not provide Chuang with an answer as to why the scam group knew his information. Police officials listed Pokelai as the number one high-risk e-commerce site during the second season of 2022. Over 3000 Pokelai members have been scammed since March of 2022. Members lost over NT$100 million in total. Police officials asked Pokelai to conduct an internal investigation for security issues but the company said they were not able to find any security problems internally.

Chuang Ming-hsiung, Acting R&D Section Chief, Criminal Investigation Bureau: “I think the company is not taking initiative to solve the problem. It is very strange that they cannot find where the problem is. We do not rule out the possibility that there may be a conspiracy going on, someone with bad intentions.”

What's peculiar is that online scams with Pokelai have not gone down but increased. Police are suspicious that there may be a mole inside the company. Pokelai said they have upgraded security protection and they are willing to cooperate with the police for any investigation.   









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