4 Missiles Flown over Taiwan: Japanese MOD 中共軍演 日防衛省揭露4飛彈穿越台上空

The Chinese People's Liberation Army launched a large-scale military exercise with live fire exercise in six areas around Taiwan. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it counted 11 Dongfeng missiles landing in the waters to Taiwan's north, east, and south. Japan's defence ministry said of all the missiles it had detected, four were "believed to have flown over Taiwan's main island" In this regard, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry said the missiles fired by China flew high into the atmosphere and constituted no threat to it. 

The T-B5 Brave Eagle jet trainer took off at 7 a.m. to perform take-off and landing exercises in routine training. Taitung's Zhi-Hang Air Base wasn't affected by the PLA threat and maintained normal training on the 5th. China initiated military exercises on the 4th, encircling the entire Taiwan. Cross-Strait tensions have risen to the highest point. The Ministry of National Defense has tracked 11 Dongfeng missiles launched by the Chinese military. The Japanese Ministry of Defense revealed that four missiles flew over Taiwan, sparking heated discussions.

Sun Li-fang, Spokesperson, Ministry of National Defense: “Our military uses a surveillance system that can accurately grasp the trajectory of the Chinese missiles. It predicted that the missiles' landing point is in the ocean off Taiwan's eastern seaboard, which causes no hazard to Taiwan.”

The Ministry of National Defense explained that the Chinese missiles flying over Taiwan did not pose any harm to the country, so it did not issue an air defense alert. Experts believe that the psychological warfare factor is greater than the actual threat. It has been determined the Chinese missiles launched this time were the Dongfeng-11, Dongfeng-15, and Dongfeng-16. However, experts are not ruling out that the latest Dongfeng-17 hypersonic ballistic missile was also launched. Dongfeng missiles are used for first strike operations during wartime, paralyzing airports and key infrastructure.

Sheu Jyh-shyang, Assistant Research Fellow, INDSR: “The missiles launched were probably the relatively older Dongfeng-11, the current Dongfeng-15, Dongfeng-16, and the hypersonic Dongfeng-17. For example, if the ball is veering out of bound words far away, you probably won't send players to rush over and catch it.”

The PLA not only carried out live-fire drills, but dispatched hundreds of fighters and bombers from its Eastern Theater Command to Taiwan's airspace in the north, southwest, and southeast. Over a dozen Chinese naval ships were also encircling Taiwan in joint exercises. PLA drones have been harassing Taiwan's eastern airspace and Kinmen one after another. The PLA Type 055 missile destroyer, which guards the Chinese aircraft carrier, is suspected to be in the eastern seas off Taiwan.

Lu Li-shih, Former Navy Captain: “What are they doing? They are actually observing the trajectory of their ballistic missiles. So since they have the ability to observe, that means they may also have the ability to intercept the missiles.”

The Type 055 missile destroyer is equipped with the YJ-21 hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missile, which is quite a threat to Taiwan. Experts do not deny that the PLA exercises are trying to simulate a joint sea and air blockade. Three Chinese warships were tracked leaving Xiamen at 7 a.m. on the 5th and moving to the southwest. Every PLA move has aroused the outside world's attention as the situation on both sides of the strait is tense.










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