Kao Hopes Judge Can Impose Heaviest Sentence on Lin 遭施暴首出庭對質 高嘉瑜:盼法官判最重刑

P. Hsu
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Legislator Kao Chia-yu appeared in court for the first time for the abuse case. She met with her ex-boyfriend Lin Ping-shu face to face during a cross-examination.

Lin Ping-shu, who is currently being prosecuted for allegedly physically abusing Legislator Kao Chia-yu, was escorted by the police from his custody detention to his court hearing. This is the first time that the New Taipei District Court summoned Kao to testify in court.

Kao Chia-yu, Legislator (DPP): “It's very torturous for me to think about it or face it again. It's very painful, but I have to be brave to face it. Because I think that the gods gave me this mission to deal with such a bad person. I don't want him to get away with it.”

She admitted that this feels like being injured again, but Kao emphasized that she still had to stand up bravely and not conduct isolated interrogation. She wanted a face-to-face cross-examination with Lin and hopes the judge will punish him severely and impose the heaviest sentence. Lin has been charged with eight counts of crime, but did not plead guilty to all of them. The cross-examination will clarify whether he committed physical injury, detained Kao against her will, secretly photographing her naked, or even intimidating her with such private photos.

Chen Ting-hsin, Lin's Lawyer: “The prosecutor subpoenaed Legislator Kao to testify. Legally, she's a hostile witness to us. But I think today we will of course question her on the stand, which will also help to clarify the real situation of the case.”

Not only did Kao testify in court, but two of Lin's assistants were also summoned to appear. Lin's lawyer responds that all three were subpoenaed by the prosecution, but he will also interrogate Kao on the stand to clarify the facts and context of events.