Murder Suspect Repatriated to Taiwan 逃廈門嫌犯押解返台 下機採檢突癲癇發作

In November, a suspect surnamed Huang shot and killed a man in Xindian, and arrived in Xiamen within six hours after committing the crime. Huang was repatriated to Taiwan following cross-strait cooperation. He suffered an epileptic seizure right after deplaning, and was sent to a hospital.

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Bureau's Special Task Unit received a notification, and immediately went to the airport to take the suspect into custody. The suspect in question is a man surnamed Huang, who shot and killed a man in Xindian on Nov. 22 and then fled to China. He was repatriated to Taiwan on Dec. 8, and his flight arrived at Songshan International Airport at 6:33 p.m. After Huang deplaned, he suffered an epileptic seizure while getting tested and was sent to a hospital via ambulance.

Huang's actions following the shooting indicate it was premeditated. After shooting the man dead in Xindian, he changed clothes twice to throw authorities off the track and successfully fled to Xiamen, China. The police were on guard, and members of the unit were all armed. The National Police Agency confirmed that Huang suffered an epileptic fit and remains hospitalized.

Li Wen-chang, Deputy Commissioner, Criminal Investigation Bureau: “Our understanding is that the suspect suffers from epilepsy, and just had a seizure. CDC personnel gave a professional evaluation, and concluded he should be transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.”

The successful extradition of the suspect was made possible due to cooperation from China under the Cross-Strait Joint Crime-Fighting and Judicial Mutual Assistance Agreement. Huang is the first criminal to be repatriated from China this year. The CIB and New Taipei City Police Department have created a task force to track down people behind the scenes. The CIB said instigators and accomplices will be rigorously investigated and dealt with.






刑事局副局長李文章: 「根據我們的了解,嫌犯確實是有癲癇的情形,那剛剛的情況就是癲癇發作,然後由CDC的人員做專業的評估,認為必須以救護車戒護到附近的醫院。」