Severe Tropical Storm Brings Winds, Rain to Taiwan 輕颱"圓規"今最近台 10縣市豪大雨特報

Tropical Storm Kompasu got closest to Taiwan, with winds and rain growing stronger throughout the day. The Central Weather Bureau has issued torrential or heavy rain advisories for 10 municipalities.

A store sign rolls across the intersection. Moments later, its owner tries to chase it down.

Severe Tropical Storm Kompasu brought strong winds and rain to the entire island on the last day of the National Day long weekend.

Taipei Resident:"It's really annoying that it started (pouring) on the last day of the long weekend."

Hualien Resident:"We are on a three-day, two-night round-island trip. We didn't know there would be a typhoon when we left home, but we don't have any plans to cancel the trip (so we'll be following our itinerary)."

The Central Weather Bureau says Kompasu will be closest to Taiwan between 8 p.m. on the 11th and 8 a.m. on the 12th. The bureau has issued torrential or heavy rain advisories for 10 cities and counties, including Yilan, Hualien, New Taipei City, and Taichung's mountainous areas.

Hsieh Pei-yun, Forecaster, Central Weather Bureau:"Severe Tropical Storm Kompasu will affect the most between this evening and tomorrow morning. People in northern and eastern Taiwan should be prepared for strong winds and torrential rain, and people in central and southern Taiwan should watch out for strong winds and high temperatures. Winds will become stronger throughout the day. We have already seen Category 16 winds on Orchid Island."

The bureau says once Kompasu's storm circle leaves Taiwan behind sometime on the morning of the 12th, it will lift its typhoon sea warning.









氣象局預報員 謝佩芸表示:「圓規颱風,它影響最明顯的時間,預計會在今天的下半天到明天的上午。提醒東半部、北部的朋友,要防強風豪雨,而中南部地區的朋友,也要注意強風跟局部的高溫。在今天台灣各地的風,都已經逐漸在增強當中,其中在上午11點之前的觀測,蘭嶼地區已經觀測到16級的強陣風。」



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