TSP Sues KMT Chairperson Eric Chu 不滿稱陳柏惟3零立委 基進黨告朱立倫

The recall vote of TSP legislator Chen Po-wei will take place on the 23rd. TSP chairperson filed his compliant today at the Taipei Prosecutor's Office, accusing KMT Chairperson Eric Chu of spreading false accusations about Chen, trying to manipulate the recall vote. He also criticized this recall vote is a retaliatory action. Chu called on voters to use their votes to voice their dissatisfaction. 

Chen Yi-chi, Chairperson, Taiwan Statebuilding Party:"We want to sue Chairperson Eric Chu for violating Article 104 of the Election Act."

Taiwan's Statebuilding Party Chairperson Chen Yi-chi rang the bell at Taipei Prosecutor's Office to file a lawsuit against KMT Chairperson Eric Chu. Chu recently started a recall campaign targeting TSP legislator Chen Po-wei, saying he is an incompetent legislator who has had "zero initiatives, zero passages, and zero-star rating" during his one-year-plus term. Chen's party, therefore, decided to take action, saying Chu used false information to manipulate the recall vote.

Chen Yi-chi, Chairperson, Taiwan Statebuilding Party:"The fact is, this recall vote started as retaliatory dismissal. Our party has unilaterally taken a beating. And in the process of this recall vote, there has been a character assassination on destroying Chen Po-wei."

Huang Di-ying, Taiwan Statebuilding Party appointed lawyer:"We are not asking for any financial retribution. But we hope that criminal law will stop Eric Chu's false accusations and spreading of rumors."

Chen Yi-chi emphasized that he will defend his party. This complaint is in self-defense and for justice to be served for the Taiwan Statebuilding Party. However, Eric Chu sees otherwise.

Eric Chu, KMT Chairperson:"This is a waste of judicial and social resources. I hope all friends from Taichung's coastal district will come out to vote on October 23 and cast their voices."

Chen Po-wei is Taichung's second district legislator. The TSP is denying the rumor that it will initiate and promote a recall vote on former KMT Chairperson Johnny Chiang, who is Taichung's eighth district's legislator. The TSP said it will not promote the unjustified removal of an elected politician.




台灣基進黨主席 陳奕齊表示:「我們要控告朱立倫主席,違反選罷法104條。」


台灣基進黨主席 陳奕齊表示:「其實打從這一場罷免開始,它就是一個報復性的罷免,從來就是基進黨單方面的挨打,單方面的挨打。而且這個挨打過程裡頭,其實是對陳柏惟的進行人格毀滅。」

台灣基進黨委任律師 黃帝穎表示:「其實沒有涉及到求償,而是希望刑法,透過刑法的方式,來讓朱立倫的散布謠言,這樣一個情況,獲得一個制裁。」


國民黨主席 朱立倫表示:「浪費司法資源,浪費社會資源。10月23日,我希望所有的台中海線屯區的朋友們,出來投票,用最理性的選票來檢驗。」