One Garmin Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19 / Garmin林口廠1人確診 生產線仍運作

An employee at Garmin's Linkou plant tested positive for COVID-19 in New Taipei City on July 7. An additional 522 Garmin employees were tested. The 300-plus results that have come back so far were all negative.

Garmin's production plant operates around the clock. One Garmin employee at the company's Linkou plant tested positive for COVID-19 in New Taipei City on July 7. However, the plant has not suspended operations and workers are afraid for their own health and safety.

[The patient] is a New Taipei City case who happens to work in Taoyuan. We tested 522 people. We have gotten results back for over 300 of them and they were all negative. We'll get the results back for the remaining 100-plus [on July 9].

According to Garmin, the employee in question reported to the company on July 6 that a family member had tested positive. His work area was disinfected and 500 employees were screened. All results came back negative. Garmin says this is an isolated case and the worker never comes into contact with migrant workers. Therefore, operations and production will not be affected.

We have already contacted workers that should quarantine at home or perform self-health management. Those that these measures don't apply to can go back to work, but they should monitor their health.

Garmin says it will comply with Central Epidemic Command Center measures. The Taoyuan City Government says 356 of the 522 PCR results have come back negative and it will get the remaining 100-plus results back soon.





桃園市政府新聞處長詹賀舜表示:「他是新北市的個案 ,由於在桃園的公司上班。我們總共採檢了522個人 ,目前已經有300多個人,採檢結果已經出來 都是陰性。還有100多人,今天的採檢結果也會出爐。」


桃園市政府新聞處長詹賀舜表示:「針對該居隔的或自主健康管理的,員工的部份我們都已經進行框列。在框列以外的員工呢 ,其實還是可以正常的上班,但是要注意自己的身體健康狀況。」