"Hong Kong Chronicles" Website Blocked in HK 促轉會官網遭封鎖 港人須透過VPN才能登入

Some Hong Kong netizens have recently reported being unable to access the website of Taiwan's Transitional Justice Commission without using a VPN. Both Hong Kong's Security Bureau and the Transitional Justice Commission declined to comment.

There is an announcement posted on the website of "Hong Kong Chronicles" addressing the issue of users in Hong Kong being unable to access the website using Hong Kong ISPs starting on Jan. 6. This is reportedly because the Hong Kong government has blocked the website, which is known for exposing the personal information of members of the pro-democracy camp, the pro-Beijing camp, police officers, and journalists, causing them a lot of trouble. This is also the first known instance of ISPs participating in the blocking of a website under the national security law.
There are reports that other websites are blocked as well. A Stand News report stated that Hong Kong netizens have also been unable to access the website of Taiwan's Transitional Justice Commission. They have to use VPNs and connect through other countries if they want to visit the site. Hong Kong's Security Bureau says it does not comment on any speculations relating to police enforcement.
The Transitional Justice Commission was set up in 2018. Its purpose is to restore historical truths and promote social reconciliation. An old Facebook post said that many Hong Kong people are choosing to leave their homeland and move to Taiwan because "yesterday's Taiwan is today's Hong Kong." The commission declined to comment on the website blocking issue.