Kang Hsuan Educational Group Chair Fined for Not Self-Quarantining|康軒董座居檢違規趴趴走 新北裁罰50萬

Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group Chair Lee Wan-ji recently returned to Taiwan from China but did not follow residential quarantine regulations. During the days he was supposed to be in quarantine, he attended meetings and worked out without wearing a mask. He was fined NT$500,000 and sent to the government's central quarantine camp.

Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group Chair Lee Wan-ji, who is in his 60s, is an avid sportsman. Lee recently traveled to China but did not self-quarantine at home after arriving back in Taiwan. According to one of his employee's family members, he not only attended office meetings but continued to exercise outdoors.

He left his home once on the 6th and once on the 7th for over two hours both times.

The New Taipei City Department of Health says Lee arrived in Taiwan on the 5th and should have home-quarantined until the 19th. CCTV footage showed Lee leaving his home multiple times during this time. He also did not wear a mask outside. Authorities have fined him NT$500,000 and sent him to the government's central quarantine camp.

We have considered the number of times he went out, how long he went out, and the places he visited, along with the fact that he did not wear a mask. Based on all the evidence, we have fined him NT$500,000.

The department says the police was not automatically notified by the electronic monitoring system whenever Lee left his home possibly because he went out without his phone. It is also in the process of trying to find out how many people he came into contact with. Lee has issued an apology, saying he is a bad role model and will follow the rules from now on.


新北衛生局疾管科長 黃冠傑表示:「他是在6號7號,有個別外出1次。所以,對於這個外出的部分呢,因為都有大於2小時。」


新北衛生局疾管科長 黃冠傑表示:「我們綜合考量,他這個外出的次數、時間以及地點,還有他未戴口罩的風險狀況,所以我們依現有的事證,會對他裁處50萬元。」

對於外界質疑,李萬吉脫離電子圍籬智慧監控系統,為何警政系統沒有發出警報,衛生局表示,有可能是當事人沒有帶手機外出,後續會再做檢討,至於李萬吉外出時接觸多少人? 有無搭乘大眾運輸,還需要再釐清。而李萬吉也透過公關部門致歉,表示他做了不好的示範,之後會乖乖遵守相關防疫規定。