Paperwork Required to Return Carry Masks|退換加利劣質口罩 須填單且鋼印才可退換

M. Chuang
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To make the return process of "Carry Masks" more convenient for citizens, the Food and Drug Administration says starting Sept. 7 that citizens that want to return these masks must fill out a return form and the masks must have "Carry Masks" printed on the lower right corner. Citizens that purchased Carry Masks on their own outside of the real-name registration system can return the masks at their original purchase location from Sept. 9 to Oct. 8. Consumers will get NT$5 back for each mask.

Over 4,000 masks (were returned) on the first day.

Consumers returned over 4,000 Carry brand masks on the first day and thousands more on the second. The company was found to be importing non-medical grade masks from China and selling them in Taiwan.

I exchanged (the fake masks). Many of them, over a dozen. I got them all from a pharmacy under the real-name registration system.

The masks may harm my daughter. (She) might have an allergic reaction to them. Right?

The Food and Drug Administration says Carry masks purchased under the real-name registration system can be returned between the 6th and 11th as long as consumers fill out return forms with their names, ID numbers and other personal information. In addition, the masks they want to return must be stamped with "Carry Mask" on the lower right corner. The masks can only be returned at real-name registration pharmacies and municipal health bureaus. Consumers that purchased Carry masks on their own outside of the real-name registration system, meanwhile, can return them where they bought them between Sept. 9 and Oct. 8 for NT$5 each with proof of purchase.

(Has anyone tried to return masks that aren't stamped (with the brand name)? Yes, that's happened, but after (I) explained (the conditions) to them -- they accepted the explanation after finding out what the situation was, and that there are only problems with Carry masks. So, they took their masks home.

Carry Mask's plant has been shut down and a notice on returns hangs on its front door. The FDA says consumers should read the fine print on mask returns as masks can only be returned at certain locations and under certain conditions.



民眾 廖女士表示:「我去換過了(問題口罩),好幾個、十幾個,我都去藥房領的。」

民眾 蔡女士表示:「戴起來過敏,就害到我們家女兒,對不對!」

而為了便於民眾辦理退換貨,衛福部食藥署公告,從6號起到11號為止,民眾實名制購買的問題口罩,需填寫換貨單,包括姓名、身分證等資料,而且口罩右下角、必須印有「Carry Mask」鋼印字樣才可更換,到全台有販售實名制的藥局及衛生所,都可登記換貨;至於非實名制、自由買賣的加利口罩,則從9月9號起到10月8號,民眾持發票及商品,到原購買地點,以每片口罩5元,辦理退款退貨作業。

藥師公會全聯會副秘書長 許有杉表示:「(有沒有民眾,沒有印字也要來換的?) 目前有碰到,但是經由解釋,他們都有接受說明。然後了解事件的緣由,就只有加利公司有問題,所以他們就會再帶回去。」