Two Winners Split NT$3.12 Billion Power Lottery|威力彩31.2億獎落台北.南投 頭獎得主有2注

Two lucky winners hit the jackpot of NT$3.12 billion of Taiwan's Power Lottery on July 27 with each getting NT$1.56 billion. An employee working at the lottery shop said she saw butterflies flying in the shop and believed the auspicious sign has come true.

Two lucky winners in northern and central Taiwan split the massive NT$3.124 billion jackpot in the Power Lottery with each getting NT$1.56 billion. This lottery shop located in Daan District, Taipei City, has sold one of the first-prize ticket and is celebrating by lighting up firecrackers. A lottery shop employee said there were lucky signs before the winning numbers were drawn.

People were asking if there were butterflies flying into the shop, I said yes, there were butterflies in the shop yesterday. Just as I was answering the question, another butterfly had flown in. A few days ago and a few weeks ago, there were bats taking a rest around the shop. I was so excited and told people that our shop would see its first jackpot winner and we actually did.

The other winning ticket was sold at a lottery Shop located in Nantou's Chuushan Township, which is only 68 meters away from the famous Zi Nan Temple. This is the first time that this lottery shop has sold the first-prize winning ticket of the Power Lottery. The lottery shop owner said many out-of-town pilgrims have visited the Temple recently, so he couldn't remember who the lucky winner was.

There were too many pilgrims visiting the Temple, especially on the weekends and today (July 27). (Therefore you think the winner could be from out of town?) The winner is most likely a tourist, because our customers are mostly pilgrims.

The Chairperson of the Zi Nan Temple said many people will buy lottery tickets at nearby lottery shops after visiting the temple. He hopes that the lucky winner could use part of the prize money for good deeds and help those in need.


彩券行店員 何明潔表示:「人家問說,店裡有沒有蝴蝶?我說,有,昨天才來蝴蝶,馬上又有蝴蝶飛進來。前幾天,前幾個禮拜,還有蝙蝠,在那邊乘涼什麼的,我就很興奮說,我們店要開頭獎了,結果真的開頭獎了。」


彩券行老闆 葉先生 vs. 記者表示:「因為香客太多了,尤其又六、日跟今天(27日),那個香客都超級多的。(買的有可能是外地來的客人這樣子?) 居多,遊客,對,因為這邊,大概都是香客。」