Huang Jong-chun Approved as Exam. Yuan President|黃榮村獲65票出任考試院長 周弘憲副院長

The Legislative Yuan descends into chaos before lawmakers were about to vote for the appointment of Examination Yuan candidates. Refusing to vote, the Kuomintang and Taiwan People's Party protested outside the legislative floor, while the New Power Party voted against all of the nominees. Despite opposition, the DPP caucus was able to use its majority to approve Huang Jong-tsun as Examination Yuan president.

The Kuomintang caucus protests the Tsai administration's Examination Yuan nomination list outside the legislative floor while the Democratic Progressive Party caucus guards the floor in shifts to force the review through. Both the KMT and Taiwan People's Party caucuses refused to vote.

All four parties drafted their own revisions to abolish the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan, and yet (the Tsai administration) still decides to go ahead and nominate new officials? What is this if it not political rewards? We don't accept this. We will not cast votes for this political reward list.

Not a single person responded. Not a single one turned in (the questionnaire). We have extreme reasonable doubt here that (the nominees) are unqualified to carry out the mission endowed to them by the constitution. Can they really independently exercise examination rights?

The New Power Party caucus, meanwhile, was mad at all the nominees because not a single one of the nominees bothered to respond to its questionnaire. The caucus voted against all of the nominees. When voting was finished, the KMT caucus entered the room with protest signs.

Down with political rewards!

Both the Control Yuan and Examination Yuan need to deal with constitutional amendments in the future. Before the revisions are passed, however, our constitutional laws still exist.

Despite opposition from all the other parties, the DPP caucus was able to use its majority to approve Huang Jong-chun as Examination Yuan president and Chou Hung-hsien as vice president with 65 "yes" votes each.