Confrontation Breaks Out at CPBL Game|富邦觸身球打樂天 雙方球員衝場對峙

Taiwan's top professional baseball league, the CPBL, has started their new season ahead of most sports leagues around the world. However, during the game between the Fubon Guardians and the Rakuten Monkeys , Rakuten hitter Kuo Yen-wen was hit plunked by a pitch from Fubon pitcher Henry Sosa. The incident ignited a confrontation between players of both teams.

Fubon Guardians pitcher Henry Sosa plunked Rakuten Monkeys hitter Kuo Yen-wen with a pitch during a Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) game on April 18. The incident has ignited a confrontation amidst players from both teams.

They're having a quarrel. Is this really necessary for the incident to explode like this?

Players from both teams rushed onto the field and pushed and shoved each other after the hit-by-pitch. This was the first physical confrontation in a CPBL game this year. Some believe that Sosa's hit-by-pitch was a reaction to Kuo's claim that Fubon hitter Lin Che-hsuan used a questionable bat to hit a home run earlier in the game.

The mood in the Fubon Guardian's locker room is certainly not pleasant. They don't think their hitter Lin Che-hsuan has used a bat that's against the specifications.

The confrontation did not turn into a full-on brawl. The Rakuten Monkeys ended up beating the Fubon Guardians 3 to 1 after the Monkeys gain a point in the fifth and sevenths innings. The victory completes the Monkeys' three-to-nothing sweep of the Guardians this season. It also marks a clear win of the Monkey's head coach Tseng Hao-ju over his former mentor, Guardians' coach Hung Yi-chung.

This is a great hit. It marks the 1000th hit (by Fubon hitter Hu Chin-long).

Fubon Guardians' hitter Hu Chin-long marked a major milestone during the game on April 18 as he made his 1000th career hit. This makes him the 23rd player to do so in CPBL's history, and also the fastest player to reach the mark, after having played only 704 games with 3062 plate appearances and 2809 at bats. All three figures are new records in the leagues history.

The game has attracted attention from media outlets around the world as most pro sports leagues are still suspended. This was also the first time that foreign baseball fans had to wake up early to watch a game in Taiwan. The broadcaster of the Rakuten Monkeys streamed five games on Twitter last week, attracting over 1 million viewers.

Marly Rivera, a reporter from ESPN shared on his twitter that he had to get up at six a.m. local time six days in a roll to watch the games. The U.S.- based Los Angeles Times reported the CPBL games in its headline news. The report said that since all games were held behind closed doors as a disease prevention measure, there was no sighting of any baseball fan stretching during the seventh innings, a tradition in baseball games. It also reported on the Chinatrust Brothers' disease prevention measures.









美國體育媒體ESPN記者李維拉(Marly Rivera),就透過推特分享,連續六天都在早上六點起來看中職比賽。另外,像是美國西岸大報、洛杉磯報,也在頭版報導中職關門比賽的情況,除了寫道因為閉門比賽,所以在台灣沒有人第七局伸懶腰,也介紹了中信兄弟的防疫作為。

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