IOC Pres. Gets Support for Holding Course from 45 Asian Countries|國際奧會重申東奧如期舉行 亞洲45國同意

As the pandemic continues to escalate, all eyes are on whether the Tokyo Olympics will still be held as scheduled. The International Olympic Committee discussed with the stakeholders in Asia, including Taiwan, during a conference call. While most representatives expressed support for holding course, they also complained about the unfairness of qualifying, and worried about athletes' health. The IOC also said cancellation is not on the agenda but it is "of course" considering other scenarios.

...protecting the health of all personnel and supporting the containment of the spread of the virus. Second is protecting the rights of athletes and the Olympic Games. In other words, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games' stance right now is the games will be held as scheduled.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee representative Sun Lih-chyuan says athletes' safety and health are its top considerations and it is proceeding under the assumption the Olympics will be held as scheduled. The committee plans to have an epidemiologist traveling with the Chinese Taipei contingent so athletes can focus their full attention on competition.

中華奧會顧問 孫立群表示:「保護所有人員的健康,支持遏制病毒的擴散,第二個保障運動員,及奧林匹克運動的權益。換句話說,到目前為止,國際奧會態度,還有日本東京奧運主委會的態度,都是朝著在既定的日程上面,來舉行東奧。」