Two Suspects Arrested for Attack on Internet Celebrity|網紅蔡阿嘎與孕妻騎車遇襲 兩嫌落網

The suspect involved in the assault case of Internet celebrity Aga Tsai and his pregnant wife has been arrested, along with an accomplice and the hammer he used. The auto shop worker confessed that he didn't know Mr. Tsai, merely having exchanged words online. He found Tsai's attitude "arrogant and provocative".

This evening (March 5), we arrested a suspect surnamed Chen and a male surnamed Tung in New Taipei City's Linkou District. We also found the assault weapon. The entire case has been transferred to the Shilin District Prosecutors' Office to investigate and prosecute. The suspect surnamed Chen said he got into an online disagreement last summer with the Internet celebrity surnamed Tsai and that's why he was seeking revenge.

Tsai filmed a video after the incident to give to the police as a reference. He said he did not offend anyone. However, according to the confession of the suspect, he thought Tsai's opinions in a video regarding auto parts was arrogant, which is why he decided to attack him. The police intend to charge the two suspects with assault.

北投分局偵查隊長 吳漢中表示:「今天(3/5)傍晚在新北市林口區一帶,查獲陳姓犯嫌以及董姓男子,並起獲鐵槌一把,全案移請士林地方法院地檢署偵辦,據陳姓嫌犯表示,在去年暑假與蔡姓網紅,因為網路上的留言有起爭執,進而才報復。」


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